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Monday, April 09, 2007


Enough with the niceties, time to show a neo-nut for what they are; petty, selfish, narrow-minded, scared, ridiculous anserine dogmatic abominations, just your regular sheeple ;o)

The Rattler is back in action!!!! Yes, you heard me right, time for some cage rattling. And boy do I have a great one, one that reminded me why The Rattler is needed. To shine light upon the blind followers, to uncover and expose spin, and mainly just to confuse & piss a neo-nut off (admittedly it's an easy task).

Before we get started, I would like to thank CAPTAIN BALLBUSTER for making this such an easier task.

One thing most people will agree upon is we all support the troops, no matter which side of the political fence they sit upon, that is unless you are a neo-nut. To a neo-nut, wanting the troops home; safe and alive, is spitting on the troops. A simple requested that vets receive the utmost care sends a neo-nut into a frenzy of how much you must hate the troops. Wanting an explanation of why our young troops are dying will get a neo-nut foaming at the bit with screams of anti-America. Don't dare bring up bill (*whatever number is*) which gives Bush all the money he has requested for Iraq along with a withdrawal date from Iraq, neo-nuts would have to be taken out in an ambulance, one preferably equipped with straitjackets.

I was lucky ~cough cough~ enough to be presented when CAPTAIN BALLBUSTER decided to share his support & empathy towards the troops & their loved ones. This is your typical neo-nut heart-felt support for the troops.


I looked around, stunned, No way had CAPTAIN BALLBUSTER had just blamed parents for their children bravely volunteering to join the military to protect all Americans! Surely, he had to know the bravery and courage it took to join the U.S. military. Certainly he knew that people joined the military for various reasons, sometimes carrying out an family tradition. I had no choice but call CAPTAIN BALLBUSTER out on his statement to no avail, but what I really noticed was not only were the neo-nuts not calling (whatever his name) on it, most republicans & conservatives did nothing at CAPTAIN BALLBUSTER revolting words of support to the troops. How hard is it to understand supporting the troops is not the same as supporting an illegal 'war'. True support of troops is not allowing buildings that house our injured troops have roaches & bats, mold & holes. Supporting the troops is not under suppling our troops with food, training, gear and aftercare. Supporting the troops is not wanting a never-ending, unwinnable, unnecessary war, with no clear reason or rhyme. Supporting the troops is wanting them safe, feed, trained, and respected, not using them as they were just pawns in a badly executed game of Presidential Chess.

How can you say you support the troops and then turn around and degrade them in the very same breath? How can you claim you care for the troops and not demand the troops get the proper training? Face it, some just confuse support for the war as support for the troops, never knowing or caring the two in this case just do not go together.

Now in the famous words of the neo-nuts' personal savior, Bush; "Bring It On!"

~~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~~
~~~~~~Smile, it confuses people~~~~~~


Facetious Muse said...

Oh did all the neonuts run and hide?
Whats wrong neonuts, surge not workig, econ is down, you have all been wrong and now you cant show your faces? LMAO

Q Jordon said...

I saw a political cartoon of George Bush standing in front of Walter Reed hospital wrapped in the American Flag saying, "I support the troops until they get home."

Another one shows Bush at a podium and there is a little cricket talking to another one saying,"Isn't it funny how some people support the troops and not the war, while others seem to support the war and not the troops."

It is all relative to those that do not care about the troops, and only believe in the troops as pawns in a game of opening up new markets for corporations.

The troops are truly being used in the worse sense of the word. They are being used to stabilize a region so American companies can go in and exploit the workers.

Halliburton is the first to open the door and leave America for good. The jobs are following.

America is just going to be a service industry country, only. But as long as they have those true Wal-Mart believers, thinking working at Wal-Mart is the best thing since sliced cheese, this country will not be able to get out of the manufacturing downfall.

We need new trade laws and energy policies that ease the flow, of both, oil and jobs. Until we do, the military may be the only place to find a job with benefits. And even then, those benefits are being slowly taken away from them.

Eff25 said...

I must admit that my definition of what it means to support the troops is more conservative than liberal, so I do tend to believe, without, if you will forgive me not getting into why, that one needs to support the mission to support the troops, but I also believe the war in Iraq to be wrong, and that there are more important things than supporting the troops; in this case, doing what is in the country's best interest. I also acknowledge the hypocrisy of mistreating the troops, and therefor not supporting them, by undepreparing them and not giving them the care they deserve when they come home, or caring for their families appropriately.

Based on what I have said above, I have to admit that I do not support the troops on this.

Unless, and I do not know if this is a fact or not, the troops do not, as a clear majority, support the mission.

Oh, and I do not think it is unpatriotic to disagree with me, nor do I think it means someone hates the troops.