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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Newly naturalized US soldiers raise their hands during an oath pronunciation Ceremony at Camp Victory, Baghdad, 04 July 2007. Around 160 troops from 52 countries were given today the US citizenship during the ceremony


Anonymous said...

what better gift to someone prepared to fight for america than becomming american.We need more wetbacks to die for us.

Anonymous said...
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ononotagain said...

posting personal information will NOT be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Tacos are great camoflouge

Anonymous said...

I was in Paltalk last nite - theirs a girl called-- CO SAM
Her b/f is Mexican and has lived here since he is a kid

He enlisted in the Army recently
they are engaged to be married

Alot of people gave this poor girl such a hard time because he is Mexican

She said he enlisted in the Army to help his country

But they both feel the war is wrong

I felt so sorry for her having to defend herself and her future hubby

The people whom were jumping on her
were really Rasist( excuse spelling )

Eff25 said...

I'm unsure of the point of this post, sorry.

ononotagain said...

the original post or the comment eff? I can only speak for myself but the reason I posted the article was to illustrate the mercenary nature of todays forces. No longer protectors of our values and security, but a tool to bend the world to our will. As Rome collapsed they recruited armies from farther and farther afield, while the elite in Rome orgied and watched the increasingly brutal circus maximus. Can you recognise this scenario?