Search Ratttler

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thank You

I waited till the day after the election before putting my hand to pen. I wanted to make absolutely sure that there wasn't going to be any type of recount or court involvement, as we know that has happened before.

It is official Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America and already he has started keeping his campaign promises. Obama promised that the democratic map would expand and it did. There weren't riots in the streets, quite the opposite there was joy and hope in the streets. The American people got back something they have been missing, their belief that their voices did matter, they relearn that we the people do in fact hold the power as long as we are willing to work for it.

I wanted to get some facts out there before all the bullshit starts in hopes that maybe this will stop a handful of scared, hateful people in their tracks. First fact I wanted to put out there is; unlike what some are already saying, it was not one group that elected President Obama it was the voices of many from all demographics. Obama won popular vote 53% to 47% and I'm going to break that down a bit. African-Americans made up 13% of the vote, voters under 30 (this included first time voters and the young vote) made up 18% of the vote. Now if you add all this together that is 31% of the vote leaving 22% which did NOT fall into young or African-American vote.

These are the facts, we the American people elected Obama, people from all races, religions, gender, and age. We came together and spoke with a united voice, we all want a better country for our children and grandchildren to come. We wanted to show the world that no matter what affliction comes our way we can and we do come together to expand on the very principals of our country, equality, freedom and justice.

I have always said it is the American people I have hope for and believe in and now I hope the world can understand why Americans are proud of their country and why they think the US is the best system out there. Is it perfect, of course not but that is part of the beauty to know we had a solid foundation to build upon and that we can always move our country towards a more perfect union.

As President Obama said in his acceptance speech last night, this is our victory. Every single person that made calls, knocked on doors, donated $5.00, helped at the polls and voted, this is your victory, this is America's victory and the world's.

Although there are already many saying President Obama isn't their president, that is ok because you are his fellow Americans and he will be a president for all, even to those that disagree with him or refuse to call him their President. He will be a servant of the people as is the duty of the president, he will not dictate to us, he will not try to be King Obama, he will work tireless for all Americans, even you.

To every single American I want to thank you for all you have done, and to ask you to not slack off now. There is a hell of a lot of work ahead and it will be a long and sometimes a rough road, but it will always be a road worth travelling.