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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mr. Conservative

Mr. Conman was on on run for awhile.....

Then, he got busted.....

Then he got put in (PCd-up) Protective Custody because he's a wussie...

Mr. Conservative, aka. ModerateConservative, aka. Mr. ConMan, is a small, vile little man who is so unhappy with his life that he has filled it with the hatred of everything and everyone who isn't like he is. We all know that the "N" word is the most used word in his house, he is so filled with hatred that America's president is a bi-racial man, that it surprises me that he hasn't tried to assassinate him yet. He gets on mic and his hatred is so thick you can practically see it coming from the screen, lol. The man gets FIRED from his job, gets on food stamps, (EBT) government insurance for his children, and unemployment, and then has the balls to get on mic and talk about the scum, and the low lives who are on welfare, talk about HYPOCRISY!! What a LOSER!!! Sorry Mr. ConMan, President Obama is going to win again, suck it up, little man!

*Just my views*