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Thursday, April 26, 2012

CISPA: Another Law To Spy On Internet Users

Why CISPA is coming under fire?

Here we go again internet lover's! Once again our anti-American law makers are trying to pass yet another law that will allow our government to spy on any and all of our records using the internet. These sorts of laws is why it is imperative that we keep a constant vigil over what these people are up to. From their actions over the past couple of years, they appear to be looking for any reason whatsoever to be able to enact martial law and spy on us whenever they feel like it. Once agtain, it is time to take action and show these people that we will NOT stand by and turn America into a new communist country by going to the White House PETITION and signing to stop CISPA in it's tracks. Or, you may go to the site to sign their petition, which already has 767,728 signatures and counting.