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Friday, March 02, 2007


With all the news about the DOW lately I just couldn't help but think that back in Oct, 2006 I wrote a thread about the DOW. What did I get for my efforts to give ya'll a heads-up?

Let's see, jay_156 said and I qoute "Can you quit rooting for the downfall of America"

Next was an anonyMouse (of course) again I quote "Bunch of dumb ass sons of bitches."

Oh, yes there are more another anonyMouse "The point is that you all try to portray the economy than it is. I dont know who you are trying to impress with your idiotic statements."

Always anonyMouses with no brains, here's yet another comment from one of them "Her argument is bullshit. She has made references to things that she has no idea how to interpret."

Wow even anonymousposter commented "" (you got to look at the link they posted to see how much they were wrong.)

You guessed it, yet another anonyMouse "The facts dont lie eff. They are easy to read. Look at the numbers. Things arent as bad as the left wants you to believe."

AnonyMouse again "Get real factual information."

AnonyMouse "YOU, who said the DOW was "going south"

Wow, I guess all of you anonyMouses and jay-156 were just so right (yes I'm being facetious). Seems that liberals (in this case as is usually the fact) were more educated and informed about the stock market than all of those scared little mice (don't worry jay & anonymousposter I include you two also).

With little margin for error, there is plenty of cause to fret. The housing market, for one, is looking increasingly shaky. Defaults of subprime mortgages are already rising, and Wednesday's announcement of a 16.6% fall in new home sales in January represents the largest monthly drop in 13 years.

These trends are worrisome for two reasons. Housing has been a key driver of economic activity in the economy the past few years. In addition, banks, brokerages and big investors are holding hundreds of billions of dollars worth of real estate-linked debt and derivatives. The knock-off effects of a meltdown are unknown but sure to be massive.

With investors so skittish, one big danger is that a prolonged market drop will quickly set off a credit crunch, as Tuesday's flight to treasuries presaged. A credit tightening, in turn, could cause a jump in junk bond and other defaults, a plunge in M&A activity and a surge in corporate and personal bankruptcies.

Overseas, things look just as precarious. Emerging market stocks and bonds in particular have been on a tear that has left them vulnerable to the sorts of collapses they have suffered in the past. Signs of weakness could also prompt hedge funds and other big investors to unwind their "carry trade" positions, selling Chinese and other emerging market assets and converting them back into yen, which they'd borrowed at low interest rates. Demand for the Japanese currency would in turn put selling pressure on the dollar and U.S. assets.

With yields on junk bonds now little higher than those for U.S. treasuries, $1.5 trillion in hedge fund money sloshing unregulated around the globe and derivatives markets linking it all together in ways nobody fully understands, one thing is for certain: A serious bout of bear market pain could spread far and fast--leaving very few investors unscathed, but of course I must be wrong about this, you know like I was back in Oct.

AnonyMouses, please don't go hiding into some dark, dank and putrid hole. Show yourselves,climb out of those recesses and tell me again how uneducated and wrong I was about the DOW.

I'm waiting.....

~~~~~~Forever A Facetious (and educated)Pain~~~~~~
~~~~~~Smile, it confuses people~~~~~~


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love it when muse posts something. Her method is always the same. It's a four part system.

1: She starts off claiming to be "on the cutting edge" with what's happening in the world.

2: Then she attempts to drag down anyone that disagrees with her.

3: Then for her subject matter, she'll copy and paste somebody ELSE'S writings without giving THEM the credit, and chooses to pass it off as her own.

4: Then finishes off her post by down talking her opposition in advance, so she can get her last word in first.

It's really pretty pathetic.
But, since you insist muse, you can relay this message to whomever wrote that post. When the economy falls, THEN you can brag about being right. It hasn't fallen yet. You WANT it to fall, but it hasn't fallen yet, and it's probably not going to fall anytime in the near future. When you look at our low unemployment figures, remember that it also includes a large portion of Mexico's labor force that isn't counted in as part of the statistics. So therefore the low unemployment rate we have is actually MUCH LOWER that the numbers reflected. GO USA !!!!!

PS: Housing starts USED to be a good indicator in the distant past, but with the population having a more "mobile" lifestyle (career and location changes), they don't reflect the economy as well as they used to.

Lovingly your's


Satarel said...

I suppose I can use a four part system as well.

1) The "cutting edge" refers to my
penis straining against my
zipper, while the market
is "up".

2) The "dragging down" is in
reference to sitting on ones
face so that they do not have
the ability to speak. Consider
it all business.

3) The "subject matter"
is "cutting edge", or refer to
number 1.

4) The "finishes off" as she goes
down on a post does not need
any explanation.

Wait a minute, I thought this was a political porn site. I apologize.

Facetious Muse said...

AnonyMouse, I'm really impressed that you can count to four. I'm also blinded by your brillant intellect, I mean whatever was I thinking to listen to WSJ, Forbes and Money Magazine when I have you, anonymous, the greatest financial mind in the world? How could I ever listen to those so called experts when you, financial wizard grace the Rattler with your great wisdom? Never mind you think Mexico's labor force is counted in unemployment rates, or that you don't have a clue that housing always have been a huge indicator. I guess all the experts just don't know what they are talking about (including Faux News). Thank you ever so much for enlighten us all.

Again I challenge you to find where I copied and pasted, as I have challenged you many time before, I also challenge you to tell me how national figures for unemployment is calculated, here's a hint, it has nothing to do with who is recieving benefits and you can find the answer at U.S. Department of Labor.

Again I thank you for the wisdom you so graciously shared.

~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~
~~~~~~Smile, it confuses people~~~~

Facetious Muse said...

Satarel, Hun it's ok. I think the blog you want is down the hall, third door of the right. They have their name ( Conservative Think)on the door, enjoy :o)


Jay156 said...

since its quite obvious that muse doesn't have two nickels to rub together...let me address your mindless piece of shit you call a blog.

The market, as anyone who has enough income to play it will tell you, reacts to current events immediately. It reacts to trends and even to rumors of trends...The market tends to react to the hint of taxation by selling and not buying...

If the RECENT activity of the market tells us anything, it tells us that people with money don't trust libs to act with any sort of intelligence with the economy. It is hard to blame them when economic intelligence is evidenced by the ever useful action of fighting like hell to make sure that 16 year olds at Mcdonalds make more money....Or, my personal favorite, claim to have the budget under control then continue to tax society to the point of oppression....Gotta love trailer trash that call buying lotto tickets every week "diversifying the portfolio".

Facetious Muse said...

Awww Jay are your feelings hurt again? It isn't my fault that I a mere female makes twice that you do nor should you blame me for having a brain and knowing how to use it. LOL BTW I guess you still have no clue what CPI is and how it affects monies nor I guess have you been paying attention that most Americans are worried about the econ or the fact the prices in teh stores will be going up, today in fact, due to the increase of .04%. But then I guess I shouldn't expect you to understand this, it isn't your fault when they were passing out brains you thought they said rain and said no thanks ;o)

Anonymous said...

Muse it's now 18 days after your post and we STILL don't see the downfall of the economy that you predicted with all of your "wisdumb"


Lovingly yours,