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Sunday, March 04, 2007


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Outspoken U.S. conservative columnist Ann Coulter is drawing fire from Republicans and Democrats alike after publicly using a derogatory gay slur in reference to Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards.

"Ann Coulter not only once again went out of her way to use a nasty epithet, she pushed her offensiveness up a notch," Amy Ridenour, president of the National Center for Public Policy Research, said on Sunday.

Coulter made the comments on Friday during a speech at the influential American Conservative Union's Political Action Conference, calling Edwards a "faggot."

"We conservatives have enough trouble overcoming the false things that are said about us without paying for a platform upon which we shoot ourselves annually in the foot," Ridenour, whose group helped sponsor the conference, said in a statement on the center's Web site.

Coulter said the comment was a joke and on her Web site she carried the speech with the comment, "I'm so ashamed, I can't stop laughing." She then said Edwards' campaign chairman's main job was "fronting for Arab terrorists."

Edwards, a 2008 presidential contender and the party's 2004 vice presidential candidate, said Coulter's comments were "un-American and indefensible."

"The kind of hateful language she used has no place in political debate or our society at large," he wrote in comments posted to his Web site on Saturday.

"I believe it is our moral responsibility to speak out against that kind of bigotry and prejudice every time we encounter it," Edwards added.

The candidate also posted a video of Coulter's comments, asking supporters to raise $100,000 in so-called "Coulter Cash" for his campaign to "fight back against the politics of bigotry."

Coulter's Friday speech raised objections from Republican presidential hopefuls Sen. John McCain of Arizona, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani as well as Democrats.

In a statement on Sunday, Romney spokesman Kevin Madden said, "It was an offensive remark. Political discourse ought to be more substantive and thoughtful." McCain, the only contender who did not attend the event, and Giuliani called Coulter's words inappropriate, according to the New York Times.

"Ann Coulter's words of hate have no place in the public sphere much less our political discourse," Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts said in a statement released on Saturday.

Several conservatives were also quick to denounce Coulter's comments in a variety of online columns.

Coulter is no stranger to controversy.

At the same conference last year, she used the word "raghead" -- a slur against Muslims -- in referring to U.S. homeland security policies. In a column published in the National Review after the September 11 attacks she urged an invasion of Muslim countries and forced conversion to Christianity.

Credit: Yahoo News.


Satarel said...

Ann Coulter has spoken. The Skank Queen that represents the true neo-con beliefs has once again opened up her mouth and out fell a putrid penis.

For once and for all, I hope someone tells that lowlife to shut her mouth and legs. She needs to douche both. Her snatch is starting to smell like an anchovie's pussy.

Facetious Muse said...

Ann Coulter is a true disgrace to all. Although I hear many neocons saying they disagree with her words, I saw all applauding her at the conference, you know how neocons didn't get all outrages when Mccain used the 'W' word because he is a republican.


Facetious Muse said...

p.s. This is not the first time she has used this insultive word. She also referred to Clinton as gay as well as attack widows of 9-11. And I haven't even mentioned how her book 'Godless' plagiarism seems to be her way of writing as one can see here
Let's also not forget how she defended Foley as you can see here & here
But most importantly this shows how the mass media will report anything, but news.

~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~
~~~~~~Smile, it confuses people~~~~

vacreeper2003 said...

Oh Golly,

One cannot help but notice that Jay156 and the neonuts haven't rushed to the rescue of their heroine - yes, the "lady" with the prominent lump in her throat - Ann Coulter.

Sex-change aside, Ann Coulter truly represents the best of conservative values in America.

Of course the more "liberal" of the Republicans candidates for the 2008 election - McCain, Giuliani, and Romney wasted no time publically bitch-slapping Her Skankiness, but what about the likes of the Dickless Cheney and his favorite sockpuppet, Preznit Bush - you know - the leaders of the GOP? Will they publically admonish their esteemed homunculus?

Nah, you won't hear a word from either of these clown-town cloggers!

Face it folks - Ann Coulter is a favorite GOP prolocutor. The neonuts repeatedly invite her to represent their interests whenever assassinating Supreme Court Justices, killing state governors, murdering foreign diplomats, and spewing hate speech so vile it can't be broadcast via television is called for. How much do they pay her?

I say let this Gem of Fascism keep on blathering - every time this vicar of vulgar opens her septic, mouth, she sends people fleeing the GOP...sort of like RAID at a mosquito party.

But what I really want to know - where are Jay and his fine cortege of anonynuts? Surely these avowed women-haters won't let GOP hottie Ann Coulter (oh, wait a minute, I threw up in my mouth a little) frighten them off. What KIND of conservatives are they after all?

Anonymous said...

Coulter is a true cunt and karma has finally caught up with the bitch! Finally!

AnonymousPoster said...

You all know what happens when you assume.

Why you all assume that all conservatives support Ann Coulter's views and statements is beyond me. She speaks her own mind... not mine.

Anonymous said...

I want to know why you all werent all in an uproar when Bill Maher spoke about Cheney being killed?

Hmmm guess you all have hypocritical tunnel vision aye?

Facetious Muse said...

And how come all of you neonuts weren't in an outrage when McCain said soldiers lives were wasted, hmmmm??? I mean ya'll sure in hell went ballistic when Barack Obama said similar words.

Facetious Muse said...

BTW, here's the transcript of Bill saying of Cheney. If you noticed he was quoting someone that had commented on Huffington Post.

Have ya'll got so desperate you have to try and spin this badly or is it you now think quoting what someone else says that you disagree with should not be allowed?

Scarborough: If someone on this panel said that they wished that Dick Cheney had been blown up, and you didn’t say…

Frank: I think he did.

Scarborough: Okay. Did you say…

Maher: No, no. I quoted that.

Will neonuts ever learn?

Anonymous said...

Even if he did say would be a good thing!!!

Don't pacemakers have expiration dates or what?

Wolfdancer said...

The Right Wingnuts always go tit for tat. If Bill Maher's comment about Cheney was misquoted so what. I heard Coulter defending her self on Fox saying was a school yard saying and laughing.

I have this problem, I never forget. I remember when Coulter said that John Murtha was the reason fragging was invented.

I also remember when Coulter said "We need somebody to put rat poisoning in Justice Stevens' creme brulee."

Keep It up Ann, you've been a great help to your political foes. I'm just wondering what your gonna say next to put your foot further up your mouth.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should ask the William Morris agency to drop Coulter like they dropped Michael Savage for his homophobic remarks.

Here are the contact numbers to call or fax the William Morris Agency:
Key people and executives for William Morris Agency, Inc.

Chairman Norman Brokaw
CEO James A. (Jim) Wiatt
President David Wirtschafter

1325 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York 10019
Phone: (212) 586-5100
Fax: (212) 246-3583

One William Morris Place
Beverly Hills, California 90212
Phone: (310) 859-4000
Fax: (310) 859-4462

1600 Division Street, Suite 300
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Phone: (615) 963-3000
Fax: (615) 963-3090

52/53 Poland Street
London W1F 7LX
Phone: 020 7534 6800
Fax: 020 7534 6900

119 Washington Avenue, Suite 400
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
Phone: (305) 938-2000
Fax: (305) 938-2002

Anonymous said...

Stop Ann Coulter's Politics of Hate..Sign the Petition to Universal Press

Stop Ann Coulter's Politics of Hate
Send a clear message to Lee Salem, Executive Vice President and Editor, Universal Press that providing a platform for Ann Coulter to spout anti-gay rhethoric by syndicating her column must stop now.

Talking Points
Coulter’s use of the demeaning and harmful word "faggot" is so beyond the pale that anyone who uses it should not be given a platform as a respected voice in the political discourse of our country.

"Faggot" is a loaded word. It is a weapon used to demean and wound our community.

The news media has a responsibility to not simply become an avenue that allows Ann Coulter the opportunity to broadcast her vile slurs.
Stop Ann Coulter's Politics of Hate..Sign the Petition to Universal Press

Anonymous said...

Seven Newspapers Drop Coulter
Posted Mar 9th 2007 11:47AM by David Knowles

For those keeping score at home, Louisiana's Shreveport Times became the fourth newspaper this week to drop Ann Coulter's syndicated column after she called John Edwards a "faggot." The other dailies include Lancaster Pennsylvania's New Era, The Oakland Press of Michigan, and Sevierville, Tennessee's The Mountain Press.

The Times' Executive Editor, Alan English, explained the decision this way:

It is her recent "joke" about John Edwards being considered a "faggot" that is the back-breaking straw for a decision we've openly discussed for some time. We had a dialog with readers last year regarding whether Coulter was a responsible commentator and journalist... ...Unlike the work of a Thomas Sowell or a Kathleen Parker, two thoughtful conservatives, does a Coulter column raise the level of discourse? The answer: rarely.

Andrew Sullivan, another thoughtful conservative, has perhaps the definitive word on Coulter's antics. The question remains as to how many newspapers and television shows will finally cut ties with Coulter. One thing's certain, don't expect to see her at any high-profile campaign events between now and election '08.

March 9 Update: Another Louisiana paper to add to the list. Lake Charles' The American Press farewell to Ann.

2nd Update: Damn it's hard to keep up with this story. Make it six. North Carolina's Sanford Herald. A Sunday editorial will explain their decision to ax Coulter's column.

3rd Update: Coulter will no longer be found on the pages of The Dekalb Daily Chronicle, an Illinois daily. Can the eighth paper be far off?

All I have to say to this is...Great! If Coulter's column is in your local paper, write and phone and demand that they consider dropping this hateful woman. No matter what political aflliation, it is time for Americans to speak up and stop giving these people a platform for hate. We need progress and those that are not willing to institute that progress need to go!

Jay156 said...

lol...the hypocrisy of libs...omg Coulter called Edwards a fag, will society every recover from this tragedy?

I find adults using initials for words to be quite childish and here is where the hypocrisy comes in....Libs love to tout themselves as crusaders for freedoms...Freedom of activity, speech, thought, etc....Isn't you libs who are the first ones to cry, "if you don't like it, turn it off?" whenever somebody on the right side of the aisle dares to address language, violence, or sex on tv during prime time? Those things are all ok....but do not dare call a lib politician a fag because that just crosses the line...

It's about time you worthless fucks grow up, or at least develop a little continuity when it comes to being offended.

Anonymous said...

I left the comments about Coulter and the contact info. I am a conservative. She makes me ill and needs to be stopped from using the Conservative right as a shield for her hate.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with being a bigot? You libs demand who we should like and who we shouldn't. I think homosexuality is an abomination of nature, but you libs DEMAND that I respect it. I don't have to and I won't. Call me what you will, but don't forget one thing ... If you get angry at me, it makes YOU a bigot as well.

PS: Edwards does look a little Barbra Streisandish