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Saturday, October 20, 2007


Despite unprecedented economic growth, largely fuelled by demands forresources by countries like China, there remain some two million Australians who live in poverty. There is also evidence to suggest that a significant portion of this group -nearly 10% of Australians- are being systematically excluded from the benefits of prosperity by government policy driven by big business interests and narrow electoral horizons.

It's a dry document to wade through (Australian Council Of Social Security report) but the facts and figures are all there and verified.
A handy resource if you intend to QUESTION the candidates in the Nov.24th election.


Anonymous said...

Nice try at taking the heat off the US. Obligitory just the same.

Anonymous said...

ononotagain perhaps you could give us your idea of a model government. There are many to choose from. I know how you despise the western world, so feel free to take the best from each of the one's you admire.
North Korea
And please add the dictator of your choice to run this perfect world of yours. I'm sure you could give us your personal favorite.

Now don't chickenshit out on us.

ononotagain said...

I invite you to read the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS for a good starting point.

"""Now don't chickenshit out on us."""
pretty funny from an anonymous

Anonymous said...

Ono says that the bad the US does outweighs the good.

From the US you have the cervical cancer vaccine, Penicillin, and the artificial heart, not to mention the research that each of these has done to further other inventions. There are thousands of medical advances that other countries now employ to save lives. Oh, and let's not forget the internet, which allows you to spew your opinions for all the world to view. Even though most are based on ignorance.

You have tunnel vision, Ono.

ononotagain said...

the american connection to penicillin is merely the development of mass production techniques, The discovery and development came from abroad.

the cervical cancer vaccine was developed by an australian,39029694,49273371,00.htm

Tim Berners-Lee was a Brit, if you mean the WORLD WIDE WEB, That part of the internet that we use for so much

As for the artificial heart, I'll grant you that one, The PATENT was lodged by a hypnotist and ventriloquist of America, However,the actual development was done by Willem Kolf, dutch born.

ANONYMOUS, you have proved AGAIN that you willingly accept the PROPAGANDA that creates the distorted view Americans have of themselves.

ononotagain said...

By the way, I didn't mean the bad outweighs the good, I meant it OVERSHADOWS all the good. My mistake.

Anonymous said...

Technicalities. Still US research and scientists created them.

The point of the comment was to show that there are millions of good things to come out of the US. I suppose if one had a shitty attitude as you do about life in general, it would be hard to find good in anything Ono. You are self destructing.