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Monday, October 22, 2007


China has ambitious plans for manned space missions, including setting up a permanently manned space station and eventually a base on the moon.

While we embroil ourselves in disasterous wars of conquest, China is getting on with it. Stephen Hawking has warned us that humanity should strive to inhabit other worlds, for the survival of humanity and perhaps life itself.


Anonymous said...

You idiot. You complete building block of a dumbass. You make it sound like Hawking "warned" us to do it by 2012 or we'll all die. It's a long term vision from Hawking you moron. Unlike the space that occupies your empty head, Hawking knows it will take humanity a VERY long time to even FIND a suitable planet in our galaxy, or maybe another. Much less go there. But your paranoid stupid ass thinks the Chinese are going to sneak off in the middle of the night in a giant spaceship, and leave the rest of the earthlings to die. You really do live in a special section of insanity don't you. It's like you have reserved seating.
Hawking knows our planet will eventually suffer the same fate as others. And NO I don't mean that Al Gore horseshit. The eventual death of our star, or an impact. It's about time China joined space exploration and I'm sure we will share our knowledge in the future. But you won't be included because you're a paranoid imbecile that only wants to use this story to make an idiotic statement.

PS: I notice you're now cruising Aljazeera for your news. (shaking head)

ononotagain said...

now your just making things up.

Anonymous said...

AGAIN, aljazeera! Ono has turned terrorist on us.