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Thursday, February 28, 2008


The most intriguing irony in watching the Clinton/Obama debates in MPIDC has been the virulent about-face that a surprising majority of the Paltalk womenfolk have undergone in just a few short weeks. To criticize Hillary in the early part of January would often bring on accusations of sexism and misogyny whereas today, to even mention that Barack wore a bad tie brings on the wrath of the ladies as if one had insulted their body-shapes. In publicly stoning their alpha-female it seems they are deferring the opportunity for a female president for another century or two. Woe that I neglected to copy/save some of the posts that have come my way in recent days.

To me, the issue has boiled down to political strategy 101: how do the Dems prevent Darth McCain from stealing the next election? It is not an easy question, however, if the Paltalk 'sample' is any reference, it would appear the grass-roots Dems have decided to use the bandwagon-strategy and shun and humiliate those who question whether Obama can win the presidency to the sidelines. Innuendo and outright accusations of racism are being hurled at anyone who shares the view that Obama is a very risky proposition in terms of the real electoral test in about nine months. Of course Hillary is a risky proposition too, given that the aforesaid Dems threw out their best chance in John Edwards some time ago. But amnesiac Americans seem to have overlooked how the real process works, particularly from the GOP side of the equation: Mr. Obama is wide-open for an assault on his character, his 'philosophy', and his past misdeeds in the same way that John Kerry was tasered in 04. It simply doesn't matter if the smear is true or not - trailer-brained Americans will buy it all as fact and they make up a huge electoral force both in peer influence and diebold lever-pulling. In my opinion Hillary has been thoroughly and brutally pre-trashed for years by the dark forces and there really isn't much more they can throw at her leaving her in a stronger position whereas Barack is still a relative smear-virgin, leaving him extremely vulnerable to unexpected broadsides.

I have the gut feeling that repugs and corpmedia are rubbing their hands at the prospect of the Dems ascending Obama as their cherished candidate.. From there his destruction would be a slow, steady, and expanding process of exposing him as simply too tainted and new to be considered for the highest office in the land. Obama has demonstrated a rather weak response to accusations of any sort thus far - but what if the Sinclair allegations are 'substantiated' by other creepy people with similar stories? I have already seen early indications of this oozing out of blogs etc. And there is the Rezko trial, conveniently just underway right now. What if Obama is exposed as having participated in shady land deals, cover-ups, and profiteering? There is high probability this trial will expose him to significant degradation regardless. These and numerous other petards may begin to explode shortly after Hillary drops out of the race, which could happen soon if she gets trounced next week. Paltalkians of course will discount them and assume anybody in their right mind would do so also. But that is naive. Mr. Obama is a sitting duck for all that is horrible about U.S. politics and every hint, assertion, and provable fact will stick like velcro to the minds of the semi-literate hordes.

I'll conclude by saying that even though I think both candidates are sub-par I genuinely hope I'm wrong; that Obama will squash McCain and go on to a productive presidency. Likewise for Hillary should she overcome the odds and become the nominee in reasonably legitimate fashion. But I can't escape the feeling that media and the GOP are engineering American minds for a default McCain win via Mr. O.


ononotagain said...

I fervently hope you are wrong, Clump. but you rarely are!

""I can't escape the feeling that media and the GOP are engineering American minds for a default McCain win via Mr. O.""

USA, and the world. need a sharp left turn...Oh! The humanity!

Jesus Claus said...

ono, you are totally right. America needs progressive politics now more than ever. If you look at opinion polls, you find that Americans are a lot more liberal on most issues (really everything except the Death Penalty) than the talking heads on Fox News would have you believe.

I'm not sure Obama is as progressive as I would like, but he is a better choice than the other two. Which is not to say I won't vote for Hillary if she is the nominee. McCain is the worst thing that could happen to our country.