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Friday, May 11, 2007

1 DOWN , 1 TO GO

I'm very joyus at the news of Tony Blair stepping down as Prime Minister in June. That only leaves Mr. Bush left as the only person who give a rat's ass about the war in Iraq. (outside of the neocon nutjobs in paltalk SI). I am hoping that Mr.Blair is ready for his war crimes trail! (LOL)


Anonymous said...

I KNEW IT !!!!!!!
We anonymous stay away for a couple of months and this rag died. LMAOOOOOOOOOO
Yeah this blog is really taking off. It's going from 0 to 6 comments per post! ROFLLLLLLLLLL
Somebody bury this peice of shit. It's a stain on the internet that's using up perfectly good bandwith the rest of us could use.


Anonymous said...

What a retard

mamal_8 said...

Viva president Ahmadinejad
Viva my great leader khamenei
Viva Ben laden


pisstoff said...

you anonymous are what fucked up a good dialogue, cretin!

Anonymous said...

Here in the Uk we are joyous about Blairs departure. He will make a lot of money when he steps down,he will travel aboard to lecture were people will pay big bucks to hear him. Yes happy retirement Mr Blair, one thing over 100 British Troops wont have a happy retirement. why ? YOU KILLED THEM ! by sending them to an illegal war.


Anonymous said...

You're not a spokesperson for the United Kingdom and it's also rather difficult to take an illiterate seriously, cyndy_uk. Why don't YOU go travel "aboard" maybe to Iraq or Afghanistan, you ignoramus?

After you return to "were" you live after traveling "aboard", log back on, lard ass and tell us how many people Winston Churchill, Herbert Asquith and David George murdered, you nasty, skanky cunt.

Anonymous said...

Well I can see your well bred LMAO, re-read what you have just spat out, did your parents teach you your lovely vocabulary? now tell me which one is the retard. I unlike you have traveled and its a cert you haven't. No I dont speak for the whole of the UK, Arsehole only the majority. The troops are coming home and there nothing you can do about it, maybe you should go and fight in Iraq, no you wont your a Gutless Wonder you didnt even have the balls to put your paltalk name. (waves a dismissive hand)I wont embarrass you and tell the world who really are LMAO. I wont tell them you come on worms all the time until they stopped Anonymous posts. Ps... don't send me anymore pm's on Pal until you learn some manners ( wink)

Rgards Retard


Eff25 said...

Incase the anonymous who accused me of making up a study hasn't noticed, I answered him and found such a study. Could that anonymous please respond?

Anonymous said...

ummmm eff? I dont think that was on this thread.

Eff25 said...

Obviously not, but is it wrong to suppose a person would naturally read the first set of comments first if he hasn't read the relevant set after a few days?

Anonymous said...

You can suppose anything you want, I suppose.

To assume, though, would be a great disappointment on your part.

I would think that the anonymous person was no longer interested, but that's just my observance.

Eff25 said...

The assumptions sound enough, but the anonymous person might not be interested anymore, or could be dead. Don't know.

pisstoff said...

to assume makes an ASS out of U and ME!

Anonymous said...