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Monday, May 07, 2007


On Sunday night I attended a live interview with Democratic presidental canidate Mike Gravel in a room called "the people speak radio". Boy oh boy was that room a rocking. I did address one question to Mr. Gravel in which I believed he answered fairly.
All was going well until someone opened the floodgates for the neocon nutsjobs like honest_joe and Proud Catholic Mother into the room and they began to shill there bulshit, mistruths and lies! Never before did I see a room raid like this one. Along with them came the nutjob indepents like mike and CODE ALERT. Poor Mike didn't like being put in his place by Mr.Gravel. If I was Mr.Gravel and any other canidates, if "the people speak" radio comes calling, don't answer because they allow assholes (honest_joe), bitches(proud catholic mother) and stupid motherfuckers(CODE ALERT) in to drag the product down. My personal plea to Peace lover and Vixie is to start montioring the room for these type of people and do not let them in because they will tear that room apart if you let them.

Later on that night I opened my room. SLAMMER_18 came in and tried to insult me and I believe I showed him that he can't push me around. I didn't bounce or ban him due to the fact that I was so angry at what happened in the radio room and he was a good punching bag.
Slammer_18 ,if you are reading this. I can't wait until round 2.



Anonymous said...

Can Mr. Gravel not take comments that oppose his views? Free speech means free speech for everyone Zombie, not just people who agree with you.

I applaud honest joe for waking you guys up instead of following the democratic line...... like a bunch of dead ZOMBIES!

Eff25 said...

I hate this Google bull shit.

ZM, sorry, but aside from accusing these chatters of having lied, you're not really making much of a case against them. I wasn't there, so you could be correct about them, but you post doesn't give examples, it mostly speaks of behavior as you, at least, saw it.

Facetious Muse said...

Well I got to say I believe in the freedom of speech thing too, and to limit who can come to room is silly. I also know that We the People Speaks due to it being a live radio broadcast do not have mic open as opition to the room unless someone raises their hand to ask the guest(s) a question.

Now on to AnonyMouse silly remark "I applaud honest joe for waking you guys up instead of following the democratic line...... like a bunch of dead ZOMBIES!" Althrough your attempt at a pun is admirable, it's still weak and I'm sure you do NOT want to talk about how republicans have allowed themselves to become sheeple, how they still believe the war in Iraq was due because of 9-11, or WMD. I know you certainly don't want to go there.

~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~
~~~~Smile, it confuses people~~~~~

Anonymous said...

I dont know of any republicans who believe the war in Iraq was due to 9-11. Only you idiots, Muse. You and your idiot friends came up with that because you THOUGHT it. I wish for once we could have some truth and rational thought coming from your group.

Eff25 said...

Muse is likely referring to a survey from several years ago which said, or has been interpreted as saying, that many believe Saddam was responsible for 9/11 or strongly connected to the events of that day. Fox News is primarily blamed for it, a conclusion also supposedly in the study.

Facetious Muse said...

Thank You Eff, it also seems since last week republican numbers have gone down to 25%. Now this isnt me talking this is so call polls that so many love to preach as truth when it serve their needs.

Plus if anyone been at paltal social issues rooms, one cannot go a day without hearing some self proclaimed paltalk republican mentionng 9-11 as reason why we are in Iraq.

So little chicken one that hides beyond the annonymous of a
nick name if you don't like hearing this crap, go tell your fellow paltalkian republicans to quit saying it. DUH!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny, Muse, If you think Paltalk is a clear cross section of the thought of any group, then you are more of an idiot than I thought. I venture there infrequently now because there are very few rational people there. You all are so concerned with who you like and dont like and who you can ban and who isnt banned. Its like the 6th grade valentine dance. There is no discussion of issues in Social Issues anymore. Just a bunch of people flaring their chests to see who can win the biggest bully contest.

You have eff licking your ass and backing you up now with weak comments at that. Eff, next time if youre going to waste your energy and time, have some facts.. not a supposed study or fairytale. Maybe you just dreamed it. LOL

As for stats Muse, have you taken a look at the democrats senate approval figure? Around 28-29%

Be careful that the blows you throw cant blow back in your face little girl. You're competing with professionals.

Eff25 said...

I was explaining what I think Muse was basing her comment on. If you want me to put up, just ask.

I don't know who you're trying to impress.

Anyway, I believe this is it, but there might have been more such studies as this.

Eff25 said...

Eff25 said...

This comment feature is annoying. Fine, I'l try hyperlinking. Link to study