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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I hope everyone remembers to NOT buy gas Tuesday, 15th of May. This is just a small way to let the oil barons hear that in fact we do still have a voice and it's Strong & Clear I know meny will be saying they heard about this and what can they do, well I'm sick of the whining & complaining yet no one is willing to do anything. No One has ever made a change just by sitting on their behinds bitching. This is something everyone can do, and this time GAS OUT is going to become a mthly thing. Yes, you heard me right one day a month there will be a GAS OUT, just one little ole day a month we join together and refuse to buy gas. There is a real GAS OUT site that one can find printable flyers, banner buttons, see how GAS OUT: A Grassroots Movement is growing and much, much more. Check out the website GAS OUT and hey who knows you might even want to get involved :o)

One thing I do know oil companies are making record profits while we; the people, are paying all-time high gas prices. Don't you think it is time to show we can stick together as a nation and that we can make a difference?



Anonymous said...

Nice try.

The oil companies (and me)are sitting back laughing at all of you who think that not buying gas for ONE day will make a difference. You have not cut back on your consumption of gas, you're just not buying gas until the next day. The oil companies arent harmed one bit. They still make their profits. It will take something bigger than this to make them take note.

Another one you dummies didnt think through huh?

Facetious Muse said...

Yo little brain, I take it it is too much for you to take your lazy ass over to another site and learn ways to save fuel, way to conserve fuel, alternative fuels you can use right now. I mean why in the world would you take your little lazy ass anywhere. I mean we all know you still live at home and mommy pays all your bills, wait till you grow up little one, then you will see what money means and why saving money is a good thing.

BTW dickless, this posting was of a brand new group not the urbarn legend, geeze bet you feel so smart huh? Keep eating that ceral and maybe one day you too will be strong enough to be spiderman's side kick, we know it hs always been your dream ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

Oh Muse you stupid little twat.

The first part of your post was:
I hope everyone remembers to NOT buy gas Tuesday, 15th of May. This is just a small way to let the oil barons hear that in fact we do still have a voice and it's Strong & Clear"

This is what I was replying to, but you are too stupid to understand either the reply or the concept. I never said a word about not wanting to do something, but I am smarter than you are, obviously, because I understand taht not buying gas on one day (like you wanted to do) does nothing. Cutting back and not buying it at all does SOMETHING.

Go crawl back in your paranoid little liberal hole, dumbass.

Facetious Muse said...

Yo, dumbass I guess you still haven't bother to go to that site have you? LOL See if you had then you would have known that the site does mention ways to do exactly that you are so smart. YOu keep telling yourself nothing you do will ever change the world, whic in your case is prolly for the best. Now shoo you little pest, let us grow-ups be.

Anonymous said...

what is your problem muse? How retarded are you? Did you go to a special school? can you not understand what you read? My reply has nothing to do with going to the damn website or not. I never said other strategies might not work... i said youre idea that not buying gas on one particular day does NOTHING to scare or effect
the gas corps. I never said anything about anything else. You cant see the forest for the trees because youre so intent on finding something wrong with something i say. READ THE FIRST REPLY STUPID IT SAYS ONLY THAT YOURE LITTLE PLOY TO NOT BUY GAS ON ONE DAY WILL DO NOTHING BUT MAKE THE OIL COMPANIES LAUGH AT YOU. (and me)

Got it this time? You are one dumb ass idiot!