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Friday, March 09, 2012

HR347 The Bill That Ends The Right To Assemble

This bill works to further outlaw the American citizen's right to assemble, and protest the way that our government is conducting business in OUR names. Please go HERE to sign a petition to have President Obama veto this bill. The anti-American laws that are being passed are forever changing the foundation upon which our nation was built upon, and it is OUR DUTY as American citizens to do everything within our power to stop it.

It is these very laws that make the terrorist the winners by default. They are stripping away our rights by using fear tactics as their sword. By taking away our rights to protest, they are leaving the American people only one choice left to keep our government a government that still belongs to the people, and in the end, when all else has failed, the final option left to us will be civil war. That may sound extreme, but ask the people in Iraq, and many other nations who have had their countries hijacked, and had no laws to protect them so that they may peaceably assemble and fight for their rights in a non-violent manner. Some people laugh and even verbally insult protesters, but it is those people who are ignorant of the value of the right to protest, and the ability it has to prevent a nation from otherwise having to wage war against it's government to achieve representation within their government. Think about it people.

*Just my Thoughts*


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