Search Ratttler

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

War Against Women

Make no mistake people, the Republican party is waging a war on women, and all of their medical rights. Trying to ban abortion hasn't been good enough, now they are trying to make it difficult, if not impossible for some of the nation's poorer women, to be able obtain birth control. I wonder if they take into account how high the number of abortions would rise if they are successful in making birth control more difficult for women to get, not to mention the rise in sexually transmitted diseases. Republicans just do not think. Case in point, the cost that America would incur just in caring for those additional people who would be infected with HIV would be astronomical; then add the number of unwanted children, abandoned to foster care, or added to the welfare system by mothers who weren't prepared to become a parent, those alone could pay for birth control for decades, perhaps even a century.

These people are why the fight to keep church and state separate must never waiver. They say that they want smaller government, except for when it comes to personal rights, and if they had their way, they would make premarital sex a felony, for women, and homosexuals would be imprisoned for life. It is every Americans DUTY to keep a close eye on our government, state and federal, and do what we must to keep this nation the free and sovereign nation it was meant to be, a nation not only for freedom OF religion, but of freedom FROM religion.

*Just my Thoughts*