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Monday, July 14, 2008


I would tell all you people that feel as though Obama has "granted" retroactive immunity by voting for this bill to look at "The Verdict" with Dan Abrams from July 8th.

The bill actually provides clarity to FISAs role and doesn't grant telecoms retroactive immunity. Because the LAW (even previous to what has transpired) has always said telecoms are immune when the AG requests their assistance. With this bill, immunity will only apply in those VERY CASES!! Immunity will not be given to any tele-com that did things on their own or when requested by anyone other than the AG. It also ensures that Bush and the administration make available to the senate and house all that transpired (something the previous bill, didn't) during that time-frame.

Most people that are against this have little knowledge of the history of FISA and this revision (and I say a REVISION) of this bill. We had FISA laws for a few decades now, the problem was that BUSH ignored those laws and went on and did things unconstitutionally.

This bill is to put those laws back in play and force Bush or any other future president to not be irresponsible with our liberities of the 4th Amendment.

By REJECTING this bill it would mean that the 4th amendment is not protected at all, that Bush continues doing whatever he wants! I know it's not a perfect bill, but it's better than no bill at all and keeping things just as they are.

Which one would you rather choose? I would rather have this and get some control back and some protection and after Obama is elected get it modified again to the will of the people.

Is it a violation of the 4th amendment? Depends on your view, but it's always been the LAW. If a tele-com is asked for assistance by the AG, they are provided immunity, that has always been the case!

According to Obama, he feels that the law still needs to be on the books. Democrats are willing to compromise on this for now and vote. But just hold on folks, only 6 months of this and then the law will be REVISED and the 4th amendment will count again.

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FacetiousMuse said...

This is to a certain dumbass, The Verdict is on MSNBC!!! Read again see if you can find The Verdict mentioned.