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Monday, July 07, 2008


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Anonymous said...

Of course the site this comes from says at the bottom of everyone one of their post

"This site is purely for entertainment purpose only. The story about Obama is a joke, it is not a real story in any way, we are sorry if we have let your hopes down. The names of all people are fictional and we take no responsibility for any simulates to real life individuals. We are not advocating any negative belief, endorsement or ill will towards any one candidate or political party." - J.Y.J"

Doesn't seem to sink into thick skulls.


Q Jordon said...

I only wish we had a younger photo of Bush, but then again, we do not need to see him with a line of cocaine and a straw up his nose.

Wax on-Wax off said...

lol g jordon

Nephilim70 said...

Remember McCain bailed out of his aircraft. Even his fellow pilots report "he panicked" and also fucked up his ejector training and fucken broke his own legs in the process....

Do we need another pollichicken who panics at the first sign of the enemy? ROFL.

By the way... Didn't he divulge sensitive information to the enemy to save his own neck when he was captured? Chicken Shit TRAITOR asshole is what I call him.

McCain is wasting good taxpayer air with every one of his breaths.

Art L aka Wolfdancer said...

This kind of trash is from the same people that Swiftboated John Kerry in 04. How low are they going to go this election? This is just the beginning I am sorry to say. BTW q jordon I do have a picture of GW in a bar with coke all over his face. It's been photoshopped but who cares after what Fox News did to those reporters it's only fair isn't it?