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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I want to let everyone know how much your support has meant to me and Mark's family. It is with a heavy heart I must inform you all, we have decided to close The Rattler and leave it as a memory of Jesus Claus brilliance ability as a writer and a true patriot. One that held the true meaning of patriot close to his heart.

I want to thank the authors that have been posting and to let you know you made The Rattler what it was. We all wanted to thank everyone for their kind comments on Mark's memorial.

Tomorrow will be the last day for all the authors to post one last time if they wish.

Maybe we will meet again in that blogspot far from here, until then take care of yourselves and remember every word you say, write or text can and does effect the world we live in.

Never postpone saying I love you or giving a word of thanks, life is too short to miss golden moments.

Signing Off

Facetious Muse


Q Jordon said...

So we are going to shit on his legacy by closing it down? I would think he would want to continue what he started, but then again, that is what I would want.

Just_April1974 said...


It infuriates me that Mark's blog will be closed because of that piece of shit, AssMod...he is the maggot who has been posting most of the Anonymous postings.

I miss Mark so much that I haven't even hardly been online at all in several days/nights. All of it has made me sick....literally. That being beside the point... AssMod has NO ROOM talking about any "shit giving" that Mark may, or may not have given to anyone in Pal...when he himself takes such pride in harrassing people on a regular basis in Pal. In fact..not only does AssMod try to "rile" people on Pal... he truely does insert himself in ways, and palces, where he is clearly unwelcome because of his "stalker-like" actions, and cruelty at times that are completely inappropriate by most human standards.

It is a shame to see people like him win...and by losing Mark, and his blog on top of it... that bastard HAS won.


darrington said...

Sorry to see JC's blog being closed. I an not sure why it is being closed, but so be it. Judging from what april wrote, however, if thats the reason for closing this blog down, then I must agree, assmod wins.

FacetiousMuse said...

Just to let everyone know The Rattler will remade open to read and comment on but no further posts.

I had a talk with a few people that knew Mark well and they all agree this is for the best.

With my close personal feelings for Mark I cannot continue to see the hurtful comments some want to make and I cant stand his family seeing those remarks.

April get ahold of me please I have somethings I would like to tell you about the Rattler and reasons I have no choice.

G_Jordon I hope I have been clear The Rattler will stay for all to read past posts and I hope someday to be able to get this blog going again, but atm I see no way in doing that with the lack of author's posting.

Guys it saddens me that you think any comments alone made this decision for that simply isn't the truth. There were many reasons and great discussions and the conclusion to no longer have new postings here was not made lightly.

I hope you all keep in touch and maybe some day in the near future we can all get together here again.

FacetiousMuse said...

It actually has not one thing to do with comments alone, it has to do with respecting wishes of Mark's loved ones I am sorry if that is too hard to understand and btw unless assmod lives in SC he wasnt the one making those comments ty

Just_April1974 said...

I understand... can't say as I blame em. *sighs*