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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Presnit Bush said today that former President Ford "healed a divided nation."

To my knowledge, the act President Ford is most "admired" for is pardoning the pre-felonious Richard M. Nixon, who would have surely been someone's b-i-o-t-c-h in federal prison otherwise!

"Healed a divided nation?" What needed to be healed? "Divided?" How divided? What does that tell you about Republicans who supported Nixon - some even to this day. Could the GOP philosophy of "nobody is above the law....except Republican criminals" have anything to do with it?

"Healed a divided nation?" by pardoning the criminal before a court of law could even prosecute him for something to be pardoned of! How do you pardon someone for a crime when a presumption of innocence must stand due process? How do you pardon someone for a crime they have not been convicted of?

Obviously Gerald Ford thought Nixon was guilty of something! Why pardon an innocent man? The Constitution does not give the President authority to grant pardons to innocent men - it defies logic! A pre-emptive pardon?!!! And the Republican Party was adamant about Nixon's innocence - read the written record! Listen to the historical record!

"Healed a divided nation?" No. Ford did what the GOP is best at -- taking care of each other at the expense of justice. Ford pre-emptively pardoned Nixon to protect the reputation of his precious GOP - not to "heal a divided nation." The nation never healed. The national embarrassment lingers yet. But you can't embarrass the shameless GOP - they like to "move on" when they get caught committing felonies, but they'll spend BILLION$ investigating Bill Clinton's zipper!

Funny thing - Ford didn't quite qualify in the "I'm a uniter, not a divider" category. Of course President Homunculus thinks highly of his uneducated self - not even the venerable Gerald Ford compares. I can hardly wait for the funerary photo op!


Anonymous said...

Presnit Bush ???
WTF??? Yeah I believe you had anything legal to do with the military? lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

vacreeper2003 said...


Keep laughing - Bush really is funny!

Anonymous said...

So are you, but not in a comical way. It's funny to read what you Rattlebrained writers perceive as the openmindedness of liberals. Oddly enough, you unfailingly manage to demonstrate a complete lack of anything remotely resembling flexibility or openmindedness when it comes to the most mundane utterance of a conservative. However, YOU people are not representative of anything other than extreme liberal bias and stupidity for the most part. For your information, here is what some liberals HAVE said regarding the late President Ford:

The late Democrat Clark Clifford spoke for many when he wrote in his memoirs, "The nation would not have benefited from having a former chief executive in the dock for years after his departure from office. His disgrace was enough."
The decision to pardon Nixon won Ford a John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award in 2001, and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, acknowledging he had criticized Ford at the time, called the pardon "an extraordinary act of courage that historians recognize was truly in the national interest."

In 1976, he survived an intraparty challenge from Ronald Reagan only to lose to Democrat Jimmy Carter in November. In the campaign, he ignored Carter's record as governor of Georgia and concentrated on his own achievements as president.

Carter won 297 electoral votes to his 240. After Reagan came back to defeat Carter in 1980, the two former presidents became collaborators, working together on joint projects.

"His life-long dedication to helping others touched the lives of countless people," Carter said Wednesday. "He frequently rose above politics by emphasizing the need for bipartisanship and seeking common ground on issues critical to our nation."

But then YOU are too stupid to realize what a jackass you made of yourself as you attempted (and the emphasis is on ATTEMPTED) to make President Bush look foolish with this particular post. It is very telling when one such as you uses any and every excuse imaginable, including the death of a very honorable former President of the United States to take cheap shots - at anyone.

Anonymous said...

Hey Creep I notice you dumped all the comments on your cow tipping post. Get your ass kicked again?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you have to remember that Creep takes all kinds of cheap shots. He took cheap shots at cancer victims in this very blog. He's a loser.
But that's what Democrats do, they take cheap shots at cancer victims. Creep proved that.

Anonymous said...

vacreeper you really are a moron. Do you actually think Bush writes his own speeches? You overlooked that in your zest to take jabs at Bush. Did it ever occur to you that a speech writer might have put something together on paper and teleprompter, and Bush was seeing it for the very first time as he read it?
What a complete idiot you are vacreeper. I actually think zombie may have more sense than you.

vacreeper2003 said...


Gerald Ford did have the decency not to unilaterally invade another country and murder 700,000 of its citizens...all for the benefit of his billionaire "base." Gerald Ford didn't ask GIs to sacrifice themselves for his personal gain. I give Ford credit for that -- but that's about it.

What makes me want to puke is our legal system will send an 18 year old to prison for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his hungry child, yet pigs like Richard Nixon can commit more crimes than the whole of Los Angeles in a year and the likes of Gerald Ford come along to clean up the pig shit left behind rather than let felony-boy suffer the pains of due process.

I see NOTHING honorable in pardoning Nixon. Gerald Ford did what the GOP has always done - provide cover for their criminal activities. And you missed my point - how do you pardon Nixon if he's presumed innocent until proven otherwise?

"He frequently rose above politics by emphasizing the need for bipartisanship and seeking common ground on issues critical to our nation." If Carter thinks pardoning Nixon was critical to our nation, it's no wonder his adminstration failed so miserably! Richard Nixon should've gone to the hoosegow in black & white striped pajamas!

Ford's interest was to protect the GOP, not the nation. Ford's concern was to ensure the GOP wasn't destroyed by Nixon's hijinks. So he pardoned a man destined for prison, albeit not convicted of damnit!

Then we get George Bush, the most brain damaged Presnit ever, commenting on "healing a divided nation." George Bush was busily perfecting the art of brain cell fission with alcohol and cocaine when Nixon was putting on his little show -- busy being AWOL in Alabama. He couldn't have possible been aware that Ford was president, let alone pardoning Nixon. And Bush being the ultimate "uniter, not a divider" is uniquely qualified to comment on Ford's pardon that saved the nation! After all, Bush knows about saving the nation! What a homunculus! What a Chimp. What a Coward! Bush is in search of a photo op! He needs it desperately! And like with Nixon - there to save the day - we have Gerald Ford and his amazing pig shit scoop. Boy, I'll bet Bush will let Betty Ford spend the night unescorted in the Lincoln Bedroom for that little favor! Hell, Laura might even loan her a feed sack to sleep in!

Bush: the man who talks about "if you commit a crime, there are consequences," yet the anonynut, think being "disgraced" was consequences enough for Nixon? Perish the though of one of those power-crazed bastards getting what they deserve.

As for Ford, screw him and his pardon. One less pension for the tax payers to foot - that sorry dirt bag.

vacreeper2003 said...


Comments aren't dumped - still there - I'll be using them in a future post.

Few presidents write their own speeches. Bush can't write the alphabet - he needs a speech writer. Bush is STILL accountable for what is in his speeches. I'll bet he'd censor "and Laura shoves bananas up my ass at breakfast every morning" with no problem. Don't make excuses for that moron.

And no anonynut - you're lack of logicical thinking belies you! I took no cheep shot at cancer victims - I spoke of one cancer victim - don't extrapolate my comment meaning into all cancer victims. If I wanted to say ALL, I would've said ALL. If I wanted to say Laura Bush, then I'd say Laura Bush, who is not all. So stop lying! Liar. I said Laura Bush, that cow.

Anonymous said...



vacreeper you really are a moron. Do you actually think Bush writes his own speeches? You overlooked that in your zest to take jabs at Bush. Did it ever occur to you that a speech writer might have put something together on paper and teleprompter, and Bush was seeing it for the very first time as he read it?



Anonymous said...

Mercy mercy....creepyvagina is talking to himself again. Answer a comment with a novel length response and that's not enough. Then immediatly re-post more? Finish your fucking answer in one post! You fucking retard. WTF do you do? Respond, and as you lift your ass from the seat say " Oh, more thing? Your fucking responses are longer that the "news worthy contribution" to the fucking blog in the first place?

Creepyvagina says......

What makes me want to puke is our legal system will send an 18 year old to prison for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his hungry child

REALLY...prove that fucking statement you fucking liar! Prove where ANYONE stole " A LOAF OF BREAD" and went to PRISON! You fucking jackass. See how fucking stupid you look? We can't get them to keep the fucking drug dealers in prison long enough! THIS I HAPPEN TO KNOW ABOUT Vagina. OVER CROWDING, no money, no new prisons in my backyard, and TOO MUCH FUCKING CRIME causes real criminals to walk on a daily basis. We can't even pay enough social workers to keep kids safe. When the child dies in the hospital, it seems we find out, it is not the first time that family has been in the system, ETC! Get the fucking IDEA? I watch drug dealers "walk daily" with a fucking hand slapping. Are you aware of the stupid ass 3 strikes your out system? Even that is failing...they are on 5 strikes when the do hard time? SHOW ME A PRISON SENTENCE OVER A LOAF OF BREAD! You are so fucking stupid! They wouldn't even make the fucking courtroom. They don't have the fucking time. The prosecutor wouldn't even take the time to waste ink on the paper. His fucking secretary would nullify that before it even hit the desk. That's IF a cop even went for a WARRANT and IF it even got granted...which wouldn't happen. Maybe in Vagina's world, but not out here, off paltalk, in the big, real world!!!! Now get ready, Vagina will either write 3 reponses...talking to himself. OR stop future comments! ROFLMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
What a complete idiot you are vacreeper. I actually think zombie may have more sense than you.


FRisson1 said...

Under the current law, anyone committing two serious crimes is sentenced to 25 years to life for the third crime, even if it's a minor infraction like shoplifting, even a loaf of bread. The proposed initiative would require the third felony to be a serious or violent crime.

A nonpartisan poll finds that voters in California overwhelmingly support a November ballot initiative that would limit long mandatory sentences to serious crimes, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported June 10.

According to the Field Poll survey, 76 percent of voters support easing sanctions under the current "three-strikes" sentencing law, while 14 percent oppose changes to the law.

Currently, the law requires sentences to be doubled for minor crimes if the defendant has one previous serious or violent felony conviction. The ballot initiative would limit the stricter sentence of 25 years to life to cases where the third felony is a serious or violent crime.

The poll found that 80 percent of Democratic voters in the state approve of the measure, and 74 percent of Republicans back it, too.


Anonymous said...

ummm Frisson ..most Republicans aren't nuts. It was Republicans that said no to ILLEGAL immigration. Only FOUR Democrats voted no and it passed the Senate. I guarantee the house Democrats let it sail through

Anonymous said...

Anon don't waste your breath speaking to fuckwadfriss? She is to senile to know her twat from her asshole. Fuckinfriss the "law" itself is NOT in question you retard. The fact that it is NOT abided by was the question. In regards to creepyvagina thinking a stolen loaf of bread, sent someone to prison. THAT IS THE POINT you fucking old hag. I can see why the majority of people hate the fucking elderly. If ever there was a question, they only need to listen to you for 10 minutes. REPEAT" SHOW ME WHERE AN 18 YEAR OLD BOY WENT TO LIFE IN PRISON FOR STEALING A LOAF OF BREAD"! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH EXACTLY MY FUCKING POINT! I didn't asked if he stole a car and robbed a bank and fucked friss "( we should all be so lucky if someone would come close to raping your wrinkled, dry fucking senile ass)" beforehand....that would NOT be the reason he went to prison. Vagina said " for stealing a loaf of bread, he got life in prison".....LIKE I STATED, each time he posts creepyvagina looks stupidier and stupidier. THOUGH no where as STUPID as Fuckwitfriss. She holds high honors in "stupid is as stupid does"! bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

FRisson1 said...
Under the current law, anyone committing two serious crimes

That IS THE FUCKING POINT FUCKWITFRISS REad what the fuck YOU wrote.... ( 2 OR MORE SERIOUS CRIMES ) SOOOOOO DON'T SAY some innocent 18 year old boy, had a starving baby, stole a loaf a bread, and went to the big house for life! What a fucking "bleed heart" bullshitter vagina is. Only have the truth huh Vagina? bwahhhhhhhhhh As I said Fukwit friss, if you ever can wash your skanky old ass and put some desent clothes on. Get out of your home on tires and go to your local courtroom for a day. IT ISN'T HAPPENING. They are walking on the 4 and 5 th times still yet! DEPENDS ON WHAT the previous acts were and WHAT FUCKING mood the JUDGE is in along with the prosecutor each day. You really should "get out" more fuckwadfriss, so you can open your mouth and have a clue as to what is really happening beyond your orange grove.

vacreeper2003 said...


I'll make as many comments as I like; not for you to like. Get over it. If you don't like it anonynut - don't come here, loser.

My example of stealing bread is just that, an example. Again, you try to dismiss my point that Nixon got away with a major set of felonies thanks to Repukkkes like Gerald "I can't stand up on an acre of ground" Ford taking care of their own, when "ordinary" citizens' lives are being slammed around for simple shit - like driving with no car insurance, stealing gum, and drinking under age. But you're too fucking stupid to understand the principle that "ordinary citizens" are always at the mercy of the legal system while the likes of Richard Nixon make closet-deals with their cronies to pardon their crimes.

Anonynut wasted a whole bunch of space (beside that between his ears) trying to prove nobody has ever gone to jail over a loaf of bread. Whether someone went to jail or not doesn't matter. My example simply illustrates the fact that "ordinary citizens" are subject to jail, fines, and community service for simple transgressions, while the wealthy and powerful enjoy immunity from those things...and then some, to include felonies. Gerald Ford issued a blanket pardon for Nixon even BEFORE conviction - a just-in-case pardon; a preventative pardon. A pardon to make sure his pal didn't go to prison.

Like I said, good riddance - Gerald Ford was another neonut, and who needs them. I'm sure anonynut will cry at the funeral. But I'll bet the fucker hasn't shed a tear for our dead GIs - they aren't rich and powerful enough for him.

Facetious Muse said...

Well, well it seems some anons are commenting without researching again. I mean with the www and google I would think all people could get some facts before opening their mouths.

here ya'll go and please research this and prove me wrong.

A man gets a 25 year to life sentence for stealing a piece of pizza. A homeless man receives the same for attempting to steal food from a church. A man gets a life sentence for convictions for stealing meat, then for stealing a television, then for stealing a VCR. A small-time thief gets two 25 years-to-life sentences for stealing $153.54 worth of children's videotapes, including "Snow White" and "Cinderella," from a Southern California K-Mart. One California judge has compared such sentences to the ordeal of Jean Valjean of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, who spent 19 years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread.

Wait, I'm not finished,

In Houston, KHOU-TV's investigative unit revealed that a high number of sex offenders were avoiding prison, and instead were released back in the community on probation. The news investigators analyzed the records for the 22 felony courts in Harris County and found that in three and a half years, 35 percent of those who sexually abused a child received probation and returned to the community. That meant not only did these sex offenders get the lightest form of probation --- what is called deferred adjudication --- they did not get a conviction on their record! If they moved to a new state, community notification laws would not apply. Residents there would have no idea the person could be a threat to children.

and I got many more examples, yeah anon you are right no one ever went to jail over a loaf of bread and the justice system works great (damn right I am being facetious)

Anonymous said...

"...ask GIs to sacrifice themselves for his personal gain."

With attitudes such as this and ideas as stupid as this, this nation will forever be divided.

Jay156 said...

more of widdle cweeper pissing his panties and crying like a little bitch..."sniffle...sniffle....I only wike democwats" "Ford pawdoned hoo...he committed a fewony"

What vile, dispicable thing is Ford or Nixon guilty of? Spying on democrats in a hotel? Going through some file cabinets? Big fucking deal...You worthless shitstains deserve to be spyed on. You've proven again and again that you dont have the sense it takes to even fuck an intern and not leave jizz on her dress as evidence.

Go back to work you worthless jackass...While you're at it, salute a fallen American President. At least act like you don't wish you were French you cowardly pussy.

FRisson1 said...

LMFAO Muse and VA. I don't think that we can enlighten these ignorant assed neonuts ....... I am quite confident that the Neonuts would rather see the "three strikes" law replaced by public hangings. I hear parties are being planned in many of their homes to watch the videos of the hanging of Saddam. I am sure they will have plenty of beer, popcorn, chips and bar-b-qued hog jowls to snack on ......I wonder what they will be serving at the kiddie table for their little ones.

I Know I am wasting my time but here goes once again.

According to Steven R. Shapiro, Legal Director of the national ACLU, studies show that the law is not only unfair but also ineffective at preventing crime. A recent report by the Sentencing Project, a Washington-based policy group, concludes that the law has not contributed to the reduction of crime in California to any significant extent -- contrary to the claims of the law's supporters.

The study also shows that California's "three strikes" law has increased the number and severity of sentences for nonviolent offenders, who now make up two-thirds of the state's second and third "strike" sentences. The report, Sentencing Behind Bars: Three Strikes Ten Years Later, is online at

vacreeper2003 said...


You got that one right...Gerald Ford certainly did a lot of "fallen" - only problem is the bastard didn't fall sooner! And I won't do a damn thing to "honor" him - I'd rather spend my time honoring the GIs George the Lesser is murdering by the dozens every month.

And Jay - I retire in August - so keep you ass off paltalk and work so you can pay your taxes - us retired officers are expensive! And even more, Jay - my family helped settle Jamestown - no French here! I'm all American - just not a neonut - and I serve my country, unlike you, you coward-ass!

Jay's so afraid of getting shrapnel in his gums he hides from military duty even though he thinks the country is in dire danger from terrorists - he expects someone else to protect him from that mean ole boogyman. What a craven coward!

vacreeper2003 said...


1) You are a desperate lot. Just can't shut up about my posts. Point proven.

2) I don't care what you believe! You believed Bush about WMDs and all mission accomplished and all the great things he's done for Iraq, and that says all there is to say about your sound judgement....did I say sound? How clumsy of me.

3) So far as being a military officer - only I know that - the rest of you are in the position of not knowing for sure. I like it that way. But just for the record - I am a military officer. Choose to believe or not to believe - that's your prerogative - and I don't care.