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Monday, December 04, 2006


In this post I decided to answer my critics.

1. All FEDERAL DIRECT Loans were not forgiven unless the borrower was disabled or has died. So, pay up!

2. We do have the right to garnish wages and affix tax returns for defaulted loans, So, pay up!

3. My bill collection job is not my primary source of income. You guys will never know that information.

4. If you people want to cry over deadbeats, that means you're no better than them!

5.The social issues photographer deserved the chicken shit award he won. It's too bad it didn't come with the ass kicking he so rightly deserves.

6. All the information the commenters said is incorrect and therefore should be ignored. These people have the same mentality as the deadbeats I speak to everyday.



Anonymous said...

*rolling eyes*

Zombie - get over yourself already!

Anonymous said...

You really ARE psychotic.

"My bill collection job is not my primary source of income. You guys will never know that information."

(We have to assume your OTHER job pays far less than $12 an hour.)

"The social issues photographer deserved the chicken shit award he won. It's too bad it didn't come with a ass kicking he so rightly deserves."
(Here he is AGAIN with the physical violence)

"All the information the commenters said is incorrect and therefore sure be ingored"

(ok we will ingore it .... btw, what is ingore?)

And one more thing zombie ... Chapter 11 bankruptcy laws cover #1 and #2 of your post .... DUMBASS

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO Yep, ever heard of "selective bankruptsy".....BTW we know your other job, you run the film at the "horror movie house" bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

wtf is a tinket? What dictionary is this chimp using?

Oh, Social Issues Photographer, you should call your "supervisor" and register a complaint.

zombiemasterbater©, the police will be knocking on your door tomorrow morning and ruining your day! mmmmwwwwwwwwwahahahahah


Anonymous said...

If I were your boss I would be proud. Your a mindless, small minded follower. As a boss I would get and recieve credit for your passion to collect. I would chide you with promises that one day you would be in my shoes and have collectors working under you.
In reality your education is substandard and the reason why you hate the people who went to college and didn't pay their loans is because... SURVEY SAYS... you never did/cannot afford to go to college.
Enjoy your little war on the college educated. You will still be the same tomorrow and the next day. Keep collecting that money. Your boss lovves you for it and that christmas bonus he or she is getting is based on your performance, so call, call, call. You obviously were too stupid for civil service or a union job. The tid bit about you having another job just nailed it, your over 50 and you need more than one job to survive. I understand buddy, your the working poor. I would be angry too. But right now I am sitting in front of my plasma tv, drinking microbrews.

Anonymous said...

SURVEY SAYS... you never did/cannot afford to go to college.

My thoughts exactly!

Anonymous said...

Orrrrrrrrrrr flunked out...couldn't cut it! bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Couldn't even get a "libby art" degree ?

Vox said...

Zombie, I really hope you don't mean all that you say about your job. I know someone has to collect debts but not all who are up to their butts in debt asked for what happened to them. And to blanket all those that are over their heads in debt despite all they did to prepare for their future is unfair. No one can predict the future perfectly. All anyone can do is do their best, but that isn't always enough.

We did all we could to prepare for our retirement which is now all gone because of catastrophic illness. We did all we could afford to do to prepare. Even when we bankrupted the trustee commented on how well we did to prepare, but rising medical costs left us with no more resources to tap. We, my husband, son and I, have been ruined financially because I became ill at 40 instead of 50. We would have been in a better financial state at age 50. How could we have known that I would be hit with cancer at 40?

Do you have any idea what it is to live under the constant threat of cancer returning, having a nine year old child who was affected emotionally by your illness, a husband whose job will be lost if his wages are garnished and having already gone through all your savings to pay for the first onset of your illness and the peripheral illnesses that came after the fact? Have you any idea how overwhelming the desperation a mother feels that she may not be around to help raise her child?

Have you any idea what it is like to have to choose between the medicine that gives your child the help he needs over your own....the medicine that helps to keep you alive?

If it weren't for my doctor giving me samples of some of my medicines, and my son's psychiatrist supplying him with one of his medicines, we would be putting out over $1000 a month in medicine alone. That is more than our monthly rent.

The added stress only serves to feed the illnesses that affect us as well creating a need for more medicine, more bills, more doctor visits, etc.

There is no end in sight for some and then to have the added stress of unfriendly bill collectors calling 10-12 times a day demanding payments that you can in no way pay.

Zombie, I know as a collector you take a lot of crap. I would like to suggest that if you just remain calm and do your job the best you can in a friendly manner despite what is said to you that you would perhaps get a better response over all and you would feel better at the end of the day.

It's a tough job. I've done it myself, but I always did my best to treat people with respect despite how angry or stressed out they seemed. And at the end of the day I felt justified about doing my job to the best of my ability and felt as though I may have helped someone find some clarity in their endeavours to pay their bills.

They didn't all set out to defraud someone. In fact, I will bet you that most of them didn't set out to defraud anyone. They are human and they make mistakes sometimes and some couldn't see far enough down the road to prepare for what happened to them.

Be kind, do your job, do it well, and it will be much more rewarding for you. I promise. Those people will remember your kindness and the fact that despite how hard it is for them they will do their level best to reward your kindness by doing their best to pay you ahead of the others. :-)

Thanks for reading this,

Mary aka Vox /|\ )o(

Anonymous said...

Mary you know him better than that he would be this cranky if he were scrubbing urinals for a job. He's a giant ball of hate.

Michelle said...

Mary, from the bottom of my heart...thank you for sharing your story. It is refreshing to have someone like you that contributes in a positive way, instead of negative. It sparks that hope that I have that not all people are completely hopeless.

Anonymous said... prayers are with you and your family. I hope you can see a little sunshine during this holiday season and all year through. After all you do have love and family. In the scheme of things, what's life without love in it? I wish you the best. Thank-you for your enlighting story. It helps people to sometimes see the other side too. I hope ZM gains knowledge through your story. That in itself is worthwhile. Blessings and thoughts for you and yours. :) Stand strong ! :))))))
Silk_n_ Satin