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Thursday, September 06, 2007


This reveals the ludicrous nature of the intense security in place for our DEAR LEADERS. (It's also very Australian in that it "sticks it up" authority)

They eventually stopped just 10m from the InterContinental Hotel where US President George W. Bush is staying but only after Licciardello jumped from a black limousine dressed as al-Qaeda terrorist Osama bin Laden.

10 metres!!! ..They were only detected when they realised they had gone way further than they expected to be able to, and tried to turn around. What a fucking joke! Their "insecurity" passes declared it was a joke, but NOBODY checked them!


Anonymous said...

The shit has well and truly hit the fan over this little stunt. Showed up the WANK THAT ALL THE SECURITY REALLY IS!

weetbix101 said...

Cheers to the "chaser's team" who's trademark show is to embarass the political elite!
A red faced humourless police minister claims that "he fails to see the funny side of it"
C'mon mate a convoy of official cars flying the Canadian flag and carrying a Bin Laden look alike which manage to get within meters of Dubya's $4200 a night hotel! Do you want me to break down the joke for ya mate? it gets funnier still,the stunt is sponsored by the ABC our national TV a gvt body run by mr Mr Mark Scott a close friend of Howard and a conservative
( )
Incidently mr Scott had no comments to offer to this date.
My only beef with all this is why the "team" got bailed up a couple of hours later knowing that the official drill for the duration of the APEC summit is that any protestors found behind the "ring of steel" will be incarcerated without bail till its all over.
If the "team" was kept in jail here the apathic and lethargic middle class would raise from their deep sleep and cause a revolution.
Better to leave the protests to the kids!
Just a thought with no answers.