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Friday, September 21, 2007


Yesterday, out of the blue, Senator Coonan introduced a Bill into the Senate that would give the Australian Federal Police sweeping and unchecked powers to block access to Internet material by decree, based on what the police 'believe' the purpose or effect of the material is.

Parliament may not sit again before the Federal election is called. This Bill is typical of the contempt with which the coalition treats the Internet and the rights of all Australians to be free of ill-conceived government censorship. Should the coalition be returned to power, this Bill is likely to become law. Remember these issues on election day.


zipperdedoodah said...

Down with Internet censorship. !

Anonymous said...

OH NO! Woe should I be if they take away all the net affords. I'd be devastated if I couldn't have access of all the marvelous trash!

Anonymous said...
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ononotagain said...

SEE! It's happening already! (eheheh)

Anonymous said...

This stooge blog is dead. Face, the owner and his crew of sycophants abandoned you. Deal with it. Regards, MrArchieBunker

Anonymous said...

Yes the lameness factor of this blog has embedded itself so deep, that not only did Jesus Claus run screaming away in the middle of the night but Zombie even left. ZOMBIE !!!
When the bottom feeder of the intelligence level leaves your "think tank", it's time to close the door.

ononotagain said...

nonnies, so off topic it's wacky. How does one define the death of a blog? A blog can be all things. As long as it is written and read the blog lives. You don't really need to visit, although you have always been welcomed to comment.
As a rattler contributor and keen reader, Hearing anonymice declare Ratttler dead make me feel as perplexed as Nelson Mandela must be after hearing Bush declare him dead at the hands of Saddam.
I enjoy Ratttler, quit ya bitching!

Anonymous said...

Jeez ONO, quit playing word games. This blog is toast, choke on it. Claus,and his merry band of cheerleaders diasappeared without explanation. I always knew Claus was a coward of the lowest order. A true punk, Claus. A man without a backbone who would abandon his friends at the slightest provocation withouta second thought, True trash, Jesus Claus. Regards, MrArchieBunker

Anonymous said...

Please ONO, tell us why Jesus Claus disappeared, all of pal talk wants to know, Regards, MrArchieBunker

Weetbix101 said...

I see that ChickenHawk Archie finally sign his name under the nonnies bunch.
Here's a guy who call Clauss a "coward"!
Lol a bit rich considering that this clown has never served his own country yet call himself a patriot and wraps himself in the flag day in day out.
Yesterday Bunker was in "Debate Central" doing his Archie routine number stroking the egos of the admis ad nauseum by reminding them how great their room is and thanking them for their fairness then he went on advocating the nuking of Iran.
No he did not get bounced, its not what you say but how you say it and more importantly which country you wanna nuke.
Bunker knows this and gets away with it.
Bunker is desperate to be taken seriously and Clauss gave him a run for his money.
Bunker trademark fake indignation and ultra nationalist sound bites which he steals from O'reilly and Hannity is simply not enough to win him the respectabilty that he so desperatly seeks.
Clauss with his superior intellect and knowledge gave him a run for his money.
ArchieWanker the factory worker and wannabe intellectual has lost face.
Hence the daily attacks and flaming on the Rattler under the anonymity of the nonnies.

ononotagain said...

what weet said