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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Presenting the Petraeus report was a farce from the outset.,1,4007276.story?coll=la-news-a_section&ctrack=1&cset=true
(see the charts and graphs .pdf files, very interesting use of visuals)

Then the spin was applied.

Petraeus's Credibility Wins Bush Extra Time for Iraq Strategy .........BULLSHIT!

Petraeus's assessment that violence in Iraq has fallen since the U.S. buildup was questioned last week by Congress's investigative arm, the Government Accountability Office.

We covered the GOA report HERE

The amount of spin applied to this story is incredible. This is extraordinary use of disinformation for political expediency. The effrontery is outrageous.


Anonymous said...

Let me ask you. Are YOU privy to classified documents? You dont know whats going on there. All you know is what the media tells you.

The terror groups have called for a regrouping... THATS a clue that its working.

The whole inquiry is a farce anyway. The democrats preached from the podium. They dont WANT to know if its working. They want their agenda followed. They dont care what the General has to say... they think they know it all. Their minds were made up before they walked in the room. Waste of time.

Weetbix101 said...

Talking about democrats shouting from the podium Anonymous AKA archieWanker)...shouldn't u be in Iraq serving ur own country and defending ur principles?
Oh yeah i know its a waste of times to keep remind u!

Anonymous said...

While I think Archie rocks... There is only one Archie, and many blog posters here and not all of us are Archie. LOL

Weetbix... I think you are paranoid. I havent been in Paltalk for a while now, but Archie must have cleaned your clock a time or two! LOL

Keep up the good work Arch~!

Weetbix101 said...

Anonymous AKA archie damn u i thought u were gonna announce that u had enlisted.
What text like an Archie smell like an Archie and sounds as idiotical and pompous as an Archie is an Archie.
Now get back into ur cage .

Anonymous said...

Hmm Weetbix. You sound very much like Livid, Muse, Isabellah, Frisson, eff, and a multitude of other idiots who cant seem to understand that other people comment on here besides the one that forces you into some kind of paranoia.

Good job archie.. you got em!

Weetbix101 said...

An Archie is a parot who tags the gvt lies ,an Archie is a JesusLander who lust for Haggard but settles for a village idiot like Brutie,an Archie is an armchair patriot who refuses to wear a uniform and serves his country,an Archie is a chatroom troll who massage egos of administrators on Paltalk so he doesnt get bounced for being a nuisance,an Archie is a Southerner
who is more at ease discussing the weather with old ladies in shopping malls but has aspirations to become a serious blogger.
An Archie is a state of mind a waste of fonts who hides behind his anonymity and desperatly seeks attention.
Am done trying to educate the previous poster

Anonymous said...

Weet... still paranoid, I see.

FRisson1 said...

Well Archie defender it is really hard to tell you neocons apart from each other. You all sound alike since you all stick to the same script.

Maybe that is where we liberal make our mistake. We think too independently. Good Lord we even debate against each other. Maybe if someone would develop liberal flash cards with the same stale ideas over and over, we liberals could all sound alike. No that wouldn't work. We would have to be brain washed like the neocons and we have no mindless Pied Pipers like Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly blowing their magical flute out their ass to convince us. Besides we would never get use to canned phrases like "stay the course", we're to flexible for that. lol

Eff25 said...

Eff25 said...

I may be mistaken, but I believe I have distinguished between good anonymouses and bad ones.

Oh, the LA Times story isn't accessible. I'll pass on registering, sorry, I have enough accounts in places.

Eff25 said...

"I resent the comments of those who have sat comfortably in their air-conditioned offices thousands of miles away from the firefights and the roadside bombs and tried their Washington best in recent days to impugn the general's good name," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said in a floor speech yesterday.

Some criticism of the General might be going too far, but his pride is of secondary importance. I doubt MoveOn, etc., wants to see Petraeus hurt, but a tactic is available to them, to undermine the worth of what he says, to end this war, and he's not exactly without question.