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Friday, September 14, 2007

Petition:zombiemaster should stay

He' s valuable, and special.

I'll sign below.

"I want zombiemaster to stay as a contributor to The Rattler"

Please sign.


zipperdedoodah said...

"I want zombiemaster to stay as a contributor to The Rattler" :-)

ononotagain said...

Where do I SIGH?

Anonymous said...

I notice you leftyz turned on your master. Do you always eat your young?

IsabellaSays said...

i'm not a follower-- let the boy go
adios zm
(btw, quit whining, ya whiner ffs)

FRisson1 said...

I have no vote, but I was hoping that this blog would have more political comments and less drama since many of the nutty Crazy anonymeece departed for greener pastures (I hope it's Poison Ivy).

ZM can always go post on his BFF (Best Friend Forever) Attila's blogs with the Nutty Crazies ..... they love drama.

Weetbix101 said...

Let ZombieMaster decides if he stays or not.
As for all the Anonymous 's they should be restricted to one post a week per Anonymous till they identify themselves and/or post something mildly political!

Anonymous said...

we'd have to have anonymous No 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. Then they wouldn't be anonymous, it's all too hard.

Anonymous said...

Well I see wetdix doesn't understand how a simple blog works. How are you going to restrict an anonymous commenter to one post a week? hmmm?

Do everyone a favor wetdix. Go find Jesus Claus and ask him why he abandoned his blog


Anonymous said...

ROFL isabellah said she's working on her people skills.
She talks shit about everyone behind their back for God's sake. Does she mean she's working on her back stabbing people skills?

Anonymous said...

well,,, me a Z_MAN have a differance on plotical views for the most part but should stay on as a writer,,opposing view, hard core writing is great,it draws attension and participation.
i am sure most of you that have been around for some time,, this blog {under control of new yorks biggest living at home 30 year old snow shoveler, jesus claus} was the most boring fucking blog on the net,,untill of coarse i started slapping the fucking shit out of claus and his timid wife beating fucktard pal Livid.
this place started to rock after that.
clause surrendured and livid went dormid on paltalk,, "mission accomplished"

good job Z_MAN,, stick around


Anonymous said...

frisson1 said...

ZM can always go post on his BFF (Best Friend Forever) Attila's blogs with the Nutty Crazies ..... they love drama.

Prove that Attila has a blog, frizass and you post your ass off on every blog you can find, you hypocritical busybody.

Q Jordon said...

I love a good good-bye. I don't really care who stays or leaves.

The truth is everyone is expendable. So, if Zombie stays great, and if Zombie leaves great.

One person does not make a blog, it takes many with differing opinions.

For instance, the anon-an-ass nicks even serve a purpose on this blog. Though, I have not really seen that purpose, I suppose they have the right as anyone else to post their feelings.

And speaking of feelings, isn't this really what this is all about?

One blogger got their feelings hurt, so they became the blog crier.

I am still seeing if I can order enough tissues and pacifiers for that person.

Believe me, this blog site can "feel your pain" - in the ass.


Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk tsk.

Weetbix's paranoia of the anonymous posters is becoming obsessive.

Anonymous said...

Isabella not a follower?

Isabella is known as one of the biggest followers there is. If you are the flavor of the month, shes your girl!

Facetious Muse said...

Damn, I go away for just a few weeks ( moved to mississippi)and i come back to lots of post. Eff I hope to see some more of your postings.

ZM knows he can stay and post all he wants as I said in an earlier comment I am not removing either Eff or ZM from the Rattler.

The rattler as more politically? Huh? What!!!! lol

Anonymous said...




Eff25 said...

Hi, Susan.