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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

An observed difference between left and right "radicalism."

Putting aside the argument over which one has the more extreme opinions and solutions, at least the left has, in large part, legitimate greivances, ones having to do with environmental and public health, rule of law, equality, and so on, with a basis in reality and the general public's will. While these exist to some level on the right, it all too often references the bible, or some other religious doctrine, to justify its complaints. As a basis for its complaints about society, the left is much more respectable, as science, respect for humanity, is what appears to motivate it. The right's "god says so" justification is not persuasive. It's hard to imagine the left exhibiting lunacy over Harry Potter.


Q Jordon said...

The left does lose its rule for law when it comes to immigration.

Somewhere along the way, the term illegal does not mean illegal.

I am staunchly against illegal immigration. To me, the individuals that hire, rent to, and allow illegal immigrants to remain in the country of the US need to be fined or jailed.

The illegal needs to be deported, and apply to get into the country the proper way.

If the first act a person take to get into this country is illegal, I am very suspect of how that person is going to behave once in the country.

The other issue I have against the left is the abortion issue. Though I am an atheist, I believe the abortion issue is a sad commentary on a country that is supposedly so civil.

But then again, this country loves war, so I guess it is a matter of when and what circumstance one is willing to allow others to die.


Weetbix101 said...

There is no such thing as a "Left " either here in Australia or in the US. Mainstream politics and mainstream media would like you to buy such a fallacy.It's serves its purpose i guess! Most people fall for that nonsense.Its one big extended centre right to radical right party,with the so called liberals on one side and the religious born again fruitcakes on the other side.
The "left" is pretty much on the fringe and devoid of any power.
So those endless debates in chatrooms,in the media or the corridors of power in Washington and Canberra about Liberals versus Neocons (US),or Liberals versus Labour ( Australia) are at best entertaining but not much else.
The true left still has roots and influence in Scandinavia and to a lesser extend countries like France and Germany.
Hardly third world countries either.
Unless you define the left according to CNN ,Foxnews,BBC or by other tabloids networks criterias.

ononotagain said...

absolutely spot on weet. the entire political spectrum has swung so far to the right Genghis Khan looks like a tree hugger!
The revolution won't be pretty.

Eff25 said...

I'm speaking of general associations, the parties and philosophies most associate with a given view. Of course, from an American perspective. I'm not British, mind you, ancestry not withstanding.

zombiemaster said...

When did this blog convert to the republican party?