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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


WHEN George W. Bush flies into Sydney tonight, one very awkward question will be in the minds of Australian security staff: where are the rocket launchers?

The readers comments to the above article reveal the skepticism among the Australian people. Is this a real threat or another manufactured scare tactic?


Weetbix101 said...

To quote Mr kevin Rudd (our next prime minister in waiting) last night: " wait for the scare tactics from this gvt"!
Murdoch is at it again with terryfing headlines aimed at justifying the security crackdown.Here's few more from the Faifax side this morning:

"POLICE will be roaming trains, buses and the central business district as part of a crackdown on students who skip school to take part in a planned Asia-Pacific Economic Co-oporation protest, the Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, has warned students.

Mr Scipione again urged students to stay away from today's protest for their own safety and warned that if they were playing truant there was a good chance the police would find them and report them to their school or parents......"

This all saga is costing the Australian tax payer around A$160 million,It's only a matter of times before they find and arrest some scruffy rasta looking 18 years old sociology student carrying a nail clipper who knew someone that knew someone who knew where the missing rockets were.
Stay posted!
Meanwhile i and Dubya can sleep well knowing that big daddy is protecting us from those evil terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Try not to lose any sleep!

Weetbix101 said...

anonymous Aka ArchieWanker
Fuck off foot tapper