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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Ok, enough of the 9/11 peace,love and happiness bulshit.......

So, the other esteemed writers on this pile of junk think that I am having another mood swing when I posted on my unhappiness of the addition of that 2nd rate hack of a writer Eff25 (or as he is to be referred to from now on as thatfucker25). In repayment the other writers are now taking shots at the most powerful author on this blog,ME! the joke will be on you guys because i brough the rating and the commenters. As soon as I left, they left too and the blog died. I can see why the nameless had a field day wuith this place, you writers are a joke and have all ripped off my style of writing and also my greatness. However, those who vist here realize that once I left, so did the greatness I brought left also.

Also, from reading the comments I see that Zipdick and ohnonotthatcocksucker are enjoying the cracking jokes at my greatness. Do you know I get a good laugh at your homos when I'm in paltalk under my other 56 names. Nobody talks about this blog in rooms. i can't even get SIP to come up with new jokes about the rattler because this place is played out. Also, could you think of removing my name off the list of hack writers over there? I don't belong with those class of losers or maybe sending Isabella a bar of soap so she dont stink up this place. Wait, she fits right in with the rest of you.


Eff25 said...

What's with the penis theme for all the mock names? Just asking.

Weetbix101 said...

Zombie u need a shrink,If u can't afford an american one try Cuba...its urgent!

Anonymous said...

blow it out your ass!

Q Jordon said...

I am not sure if Zombie needs a shrink, but I believe a spell and grammar check is in order.

It is evident that he is in need of a wubby, or perhaps, a binky.

You can see the pain in his writing. I think a nice warm wool wubby will help him find the comfort he needs.


Q Jordon said...

Of course, this might be a ploy to get the blog kicked started.

To create friction is a great way to have people come to the site and watch as they tear at each other.

Nay, this blog would never stoop that low, but then again, Zombie is still showing up and commenting his sewage.


Anonymous said...

Zombie is a stellar example of a lefty. An idiot just like the rest of you.
Embrace his leftyness. Love him with your liberal hearts.
Feel his pain.
Hug him and a tree together.
He's asking you to abort him from this blog. Why are you denying him? It's HIS choice and his computer.

Weetbix101 said...

QJordon ,Zombie is the way he is due to excessive wubbyism.It affected his sight hence the typos.
His IQ is still 54 points ahead of Anonymous.There is hope!

IsabellaSays said...

ok see ya zombie-- nobody's playing

Anonymous said...

A Binky is a pacifier, but what is a "wubby"?

Anonymous said...

Could've fooled me wheatstix. I read a post full of bad grammar. (misspelled words, no punctuation, and generally bad sentence structure)
Those things could be ignored in the comment section, but a "writer" should know better when posting in the main section.

PS: I typed that extra slow so even you could understand it wetdix

Weetbix101 said...

Here's $10 for a pair of glasses....the main section? writer? ur a writer? who is a writer? finish ur beer and go to bed,will talk to u when ur sober!
Hey get a nic's free.