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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Above all the criticism, We feel for your loss as our own.

Above politics, we mourn with you.

Above all, we are still your friends.


Eff25 said...


Anonymous said...

... "still" our friends? Was there a question?

Thanks but no thanks if you have to classify it.

Anonymous said...

I thought all you leftyz believe 911 was done by the government. Why the somber post?
Rosie O'Donnell said it was
Charlie Sheen said it was

FRisson1 said...

Hmmmm so you think Rosie O'Donnel and Charlie Sheen are running the left wing movement anonymouse???

eff25 has already said it best.

Thanks ononotagain

Anonymous said...

yeah moment they say Bush did it, the next they talk about how dumb Bush is.

If Bush did it... he must be pretty smart to orchestrate that, and keep everyone involved quiet.

You lefties are just dumbasses in Michael Moore's clothing.

Weetbix101 said...

Few thousand people went to work and never came home to their families and mates.That's a tragedy by any standards and not just an american one.That's may explain why most of the world went into shock and disbelief and felt empathy for the US after we all got the news.
Victims and their immediate families are intitled to respect and remembrance and whatever help they may need.

In only a matter of hours the 9/11 event turned political and into a huge hit for the media.From tragedy to farce (think O'reilly interviewing cuddly proud and patriotic firemen versus evil pinko islamist anti- semite lefties!)
To me 9/11 started as a tragedy with the loss of innocent lives but quickly turned into a tool of proganda and deceit.

Dunno who really did it and probably never will but i do know that it was a "blowback".Not sure what the Bush's supporters have learned from blowbacks but hey that's another human tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I know who did it!

Middle Eastern men did it, yet we still allow middle eastern men to come into our country and walk amongst us and buy up businesses and try to insist we mold to their ideals and wishes.

Screw that!

FRisson1 said...

Here are a few Middle Eastern men who I am glad walk among us in the United States. Dr.Zaky Moussa,MD who did surgery on my son's leg. Dr. Onsy Said MD, Cardiologist and Omar A Araim MD, Vascular surgeon who both cared for my mother for 15 years.

My favorite is my doctor Dr.Parmod Kumar, who is as kind as he is wise. Dr. Kumar is not from the Middle East but from Pakistan and is a Muslim.

Weetbix101 said...

Sure u know who did it, the name of those responsibles were announced on CNN and Foxnews, morever the guity 's one passports were found intact amongts the burned out wreckage.Evil middle eastern dudes did it and so concluded the 9/11 commission report.Wow am impressed.
A bunch of scruffy ragheads as u call them living in a cave in the hills of far away Afghanistan pulled that one out and perfectly executed their master plan (without any external help).Talk about conspiracy theory!
Well i prefer to reserve my judgement for another 100 years or so as the whole deal dont make too much sense.

Anonymous said...

"the whole deal dont make much sense".

It doesn't appear that much makes sense to you.

I bet you're not smarter than a 5th grader either!

ononotagain said...

Thanks to Tattler for adding a link to here in their mailbag. Recognition of a common thread beyond politics.. HUMANITY

Weetbix101 said...

ArchieType, ur fear about men of middle eastern appearances dont make sense either, i guess its part of the package of belonging to the bigoted Christian/Zionist flag waving NeoCon club.
Am gonna complain to Attila the Cow to dispatch better spammers to this blog as the Anonymous she 's sent thus far are so predectible and boring.Ride on into the sunset southerner!

Eff25 said...

Tattler put the link in the mailbag, so I guess someone sent it. Ono, I would guess.

Anonymous said...

thanks ono,, back at ya bro.