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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


A US Marine Corps officer accused of failing to properly investigate the alleged massacre of 24 Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha has been cleared of wrongdoing, the military said today.

That would leave only one soldier, Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, facing murder charges in connection with the deaths


FRisson1 said...

Who is going to be prosecuted for all the tens of thousands of innocent people who have been killed that we so conveniently call collateral damage. NO ONE.

We take our young people Off their prom dance floors and often within a year or two shove a gun in their and and teach them how to kill people efficiently. We then take these young people, many of whom have never even lived outside their parental home and ship them off to a hot foreign country with little preparation for what they are going to be exposed to seeing and then tell these boys to stand up and be men.

These young people who were playing basketball with friends in their driveways six months earlier are now seeing the dead and dieing. Some of the dead and dieing are their friends and comrades. Instead of handling a basketball they are picking up a comrades body part lying twelve feet away from their friends body.

But of course this isn't suppose to effect these young people at all, since they have imbedded counselors that are suppose to assist them. I wonder what the case load for these counselors is. How many of these young people can let down the bravado that keeps them bursting into tears and helps them protect themselves out in the field to even come clean with a counselor about their fears and problems.

How can we be shocked when these young people loose it. We have taught them to be killers, we have made them look at things no one should have to see, all the time fearing for their survival, with old and defective equipment, sometimes bad leadership. Why are we even surprised these thing happen.

Why not put the real criminals on trial. Those who sent these young people there and those of us that have allowed and are still allowing this immoral and useless conflict to continue. Put the blame where it belongs.

ononotagain said...

great insight Frisson, as usual.

"These young people who were playing basketball with friends in their driveways six months earlier "

War is young men, dying for old mens anger and greed.

Weetbix101 said...

Frisson, yes in a fair World these criminal leaders would be standing trial in an International court for war crimes.
Instead we are most likely to see them playing Golf on TV after retirement.Some will go on writing books and admit in "hindsight" to some long ago mistakes .Most will end up on the lucrative Lectures circuit or boards of directors finally making some serious money.
And so it goes!