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Friday, August 31, 2007


The White House is playing down a report by the investigative arm of the US congress which contradicts key Bush administration claims of progress in Iraq.

"The forthcoming GAO report offers a clear assessment that a new direction in Iraq must begin immediately, before more American lives are lost and more taxpayer dollars wasted," said Harry Reid, the Senate Democratic leader.

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Anonymous said...

The same 7 people commenting and posting. What a boring blog.
I guess the Rattler surge isn't working


Anonymous said...

Geezus Claws is DEAD.
Accept it. Embrace his destiny

Eff25 said...
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Eff25 said...

Are you including yourselves (or self)? I hope so, because even the witless aren't completely dead and irrelevant.

You "things" matter too.

Anonymous said...

This blog sucks

Anonymous said...

You are using an aljazeera news site for reference? What, the American news sites have banned you?

Weetbix101 said...

anonymous AKA ArchieWanker the foot tapping instructor go rehearse some steps with Brutie and leave politics to the professionals!

ononotagain said...

Aljazheera is generally a more credible and reliable source than American mainstream press.
Of course, we must seek knowlege where we can find it, and collate. filter and analyze all sources to arrive at the most likely version of the truth.
Fox just won't do it for truth.

By the way, you anonymous posers have little credibility if you don't have the balls to identify yourselves. even as a paltalk nic. such cowardice just makes you a heckler, nothing more.

zombiemaster said...

the rattler is dead...go ahead and kick it like I am.

Anonymous said...

There you go again with the anonymous paranoia. What does it matter who makes a comment. The belief is still the same. Get over it.

ononotagain said...

the patraeus report is out, see the next post on this topic,