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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Reasoned criticism of the global warming/cooling theories

Yes, it can exist. An intellectually honest person allows the questioning of scientific theories, including the methodologies used to form the theories, without attacking the doubter of the theory, but I don't consider that an excuse for ignorance of the theory, and for trying to over simplify it and then refute it with irrelevant anecdotes.

The very least I understand about global warming/cooling theories are that they refer to global temperature averages as they change over the years and their causes, therefor the existence of weather in any given place not consistent with a layman's expectation of what mass global warming/cooling should have the weather in those places be, doesn't disprove the theory.

Anecdotes alone can't be used to disprove a scientific theory pertaining to a global trend. I'm not so sure about all aspects of global warming/cooling myself, but I tend to favor acting with sound policies, under the assumption that it is valid, regardless of what may be true. What I am sure of, though, is that one can't disprove global warming theory by saying the summers are still hot. It's not that simple.


Anonymous said...

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