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Monday, August 20, 2007


I would like to introduce ya'll to a semi-new hmmm... man; PwneByJesus. He is shallow, asinine, poorly schooled & a card short of a full deck. You know just one of the ever shrinking Bushlies. How can I be so sure of this, you ask? I think it's best I just let PwnedByJesus speak for himself.

PwnedByJesus: democrats can defund the war NOW
PwnedByJesus: democrats could end this war yesterday if they wanted to

PwnedByJesus: democrats cant touch bush

Well PwnedByJesus, which is it? Can the democrats End the war or is it they can't touch Bush? Why don't you take your time and get back to us when you figure it out.

~~~~Forever a Facetious Pain~~~~


Eff25 said...

I think what he's claiming is that the Democrats are afraid to act as they have the power to, so they therefor can't touch Bush for fear of hurting themselves after the primary.

Facetious Muse said...

trust me eff he wasn't lol I had the misfortune to have to listen and read his text. At one point he said that senate could defund the war, which I quickly let him know senate can't defund anything and then I nicely asked him did he mean congress. I'm still awaiting that reply. And if that wasnt enough, he went on to say it only takes majority vote to impreach a president, when I informed him that impreachment was a two fold thing and that to start impreachment only takes majority to remove a president from office takes 2/3. He wasted no time in telling me he was right. LOL
OT(off topic) It's so great to see ya still here ty hun :o)

Eff25 said...

Oh. Got it thanks.

Facetious Muse said...

hehehehehe Eff