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Friday, August 24, 2007


Ok, who invited eff25 to this blog? Was there a meeting and I wasn't involved in deciding if he should join or not? I am not pleased at all with this new author as forseen with the posts he had already made thus far. .

Eff25- let's get one thing straight here...I am the only one on this blog who has the knack for using comedy here, not you or anyone else! Are we clear on that?

The other writers on this site have a choice to make: either he goes or I go! you have 2 days to make up your minds.


Eff25 said...


eff ective said...

lol, facile

zipperdedoodah said...

lol, I would have thought that if ZM were to leave, noone would notice.

Anonymous said...

... and they shall crumble from within.

eff usive said...


Eff25 said...

Eff ective?

Eff usive?

Is this a fan club?

eff ervescent said...


Q Jordon said...

Are you shitting me? This blog site has been like an empty vessel at sea drifting without a crew.

Eff is providing stories to comment on, whether one likes it or not.This is a blog site, right?

Better yet,Is this still America?

Kenny is starting to sound like GW Bush.

Holy shit, Batman, Kenny drank the kool-aid.


Eff25 said...

I get the feeling, Q, that you aren't too fond of Bush's patroni....compassion?

He understands why you act out with non American expression; you are a wussy.

Stop being a pansy because things, they is hard, and like stuff.

Father Dubya loves you.

ononotagain said...

This is NOT America!

Eff25 said...

It would seem SIP doesn't care.