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Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm a loser not a fighter

Ok, who invited eff25 to this blog? Was there a meeting and I wasn't
involved in deciding if he should join or not? I am not pleased at all with this
new author as forseen with the posts he had already made thus far.

.Eff25- let's get one thing straight here...I am the only one on this blog who has the knack for using comedy here, not you or anyone else! Are we clear on that?

The other writers on this site have a choice to make: either he goes or I go! you have 2 days to make up your minds.


Muse did.

Thanks for your input.

I do like separate lines for sentences.

So I'll keep at it.

I wouldn't dream of it.

I wasn't so much trying to be funny as expressing my loathing about insignificant things.

Down with the Disney Channel.

Well, do as you will, I'm not that competitive.

Anyway, good luck to you and your moods.


ononotagain said...

Surely zombies and humans can co-exist peacefully?

Eff25 said...

Ono, please don't imply I might have a brain to eat.

zipperdedoodah said...

eff, we L O V E you. :-)

Facetious Muse said...

ZM hmmm I hate to seem meanish but didn't you say in an earlier post and I quote:

"Maybe he {JC} jumped ship, maybe he realized what I realized...we are fighting a losing war here folks. We should pack it in and get on with our lives.."

Why the overwhelming worry from you now? JC always prided this blog for having authors be as diverse as they could possibly be and damn it zombie you know that.

I'm NOT making a choice, I'm NOT going remove either you nor eff from the blog. It will be totally up to you zombie if you write here or not!!! I hope that you can overcome your feelings of dislike and be a true author of The Rattler.

Facetious Muse said...

Eff you have now completed your freshman week LOL.

Good to have you Eff :o)

Eff25 said...


zombiemaster said...

Eff is a piece of shit!

Q Jordon said...

I did not realize one person was only allowed to provide comedy relief on this blog.

I need a rule book for this blog site, so as not to upset the balance of some people's arrogance and mental wellness.