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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Things I have noticed in PalTalk

  • Hecklers are rarely smart.
  • There's always at least 1 drunk on a day, and people called drunk because they don't talk fast enough.
  • Sometimes the best speakers are the most conceited and impatient.
  • Unlike Yahoo! and some other places, there aren't a lot of cliche phrases expressed.
  • If a room is not supposed to be about the US, it likely will become about the US.
  • Some of the people who complain about US focused discussion will continue to complain about the subject, and reprimand themselves for still talking about it.
  • The US healthcare system is the most interesting topic ever, apparently.
  • Someone inevitably feels it necessary to tell a room how independent he is, just as someone is compelled to tell a room of his cynicism toward politics.
  • When Scots are on mic they are difficult for some to understand, though usually not in my case. For some reason, I can make out most of what they say.
  • You'd have liver failure within two days if you made 'Zionist' your drinking game word.


Anonymous said...

I get it now. Claus has left the building, and eff beat him over the head in the ally, taking the Rattler from him. It's now the eff show.

Hmm still stinks, though.

Eff25 said...

Interesting theory. Might work if I had admin status, which is something I specifically requested not to have.

Anonymous said...

get off eff you buncha whiners
eff? welcome to the RATTLER:)

Anonymous said...

eff25... I wrote this a year ago Jeff Foxworthy style... so in salutations.. I hope all enjoy

1) If You get on mic in the early hours of the morning… and you say… I haven’t had my coffee yet…. You might be a Paltalker..
2) If you always come into the room & immediately RAISE your hand to talk, No matter what the topic is…You might be a paltalker
3) If you refuse to use ANY font but Caps…. You might be a paltaker…
4) If EVERY time you come to the mic & ask for a mic check……You might….
5) If you are frequently accused of being impaired on mic….. you might be a …
6) If you have been called a Whacko more than 5 times…. You might be
7) If most of your words on mic or 64% or more are profane…. You might be a paltalker
8) If you enter a room of 35 or more….and there is no one on mic…. You might….
9) If you see someone just texting and NEVER using the mic…. You might be a paltalker
10) If you are one who Just KNOWS only your opinion is the RIGHT one….. you might be a paltaker
11) If you enter a room new to you and know none of the other people… and get bounced after saying HI… you might be……
12) If you are of one country & many others are not, and there is bash trading in a vigorous manner…. You might be a paltalker
13) If you see people considered “Characters” so that their entrance to a room evokes a moan…. You might be a paltalker

14) if you meet all your prospective dates in voice chat, you just might be a paltalker

15) IF you suddenly , increase your IQ and your bank account balance, you just might be a paltalker
16) If you enter a room where nearly everyone has a foreign accent, you just might be a paltalker
17) If you suddenly drop 50 pounds and lose 5 years, you just might be a paltalker
19) If a person is on mic & from the background you hear Screeching & Squawking Parrots.. none speak any language….and you are gritting your teeth… you might be..
20) If someone complains about the person on mic, whether they are boring, have a distorted accent, foul language, awful opinion.. and others suggest using Ignore AND That complainer proclaims Proudly in text that they NEVER use ignore…. You might be a ….
21) If a person enters a room of 10 or less 7 the admin gets on mic asking the new entrant to take the mic….. you might be
22) If a room has 30 or more people and 14 of them are blue or green & appear to be in mute mode but are really in another room….. you might be a….
23) If a person has been sitting in a room for a while and it is rated A & complains about the use of cuss words…. You might be a paltalker
24) If a person has an imflammatory opinion that gets them red dotted and Then Complains that he has FREE speech… you might be….
25) When a person is in a room & good discussion is in progress and suddenly a weird nic jumps the mic with loud music…you might be…
26) If an unfamiliar nic name comes in and sits for a few minutes.. then go to the mic, say: I just want to say hello… and what’s the topic?… you might be a paltalker
27) If a person enters the room, immediately raises their hand JUST to say hi and proceeds to mumble and might be….
28) If a person is in a room on mic, & NO ONE ELSE WILL TAKE THE MIC and they babble, babble, babble…. You might be……
29) If a person is a fanatic international sports fan, and another in the room disagrees about how great their own countriy’s team is & original person then states that person is not patriotic…..

ononotagain said...

15) IF you suddenly , increase your IQ and your bank account balance, you just might be a paltalker

can you increase my bank balance please? I'm already intelligent enough to deal with Americans.

Eff25 said...

13) If you see people considered “Characters” so that their entrance to a room evokes a moan…. You might be a paltalker

To quote Jane when she sees me. "'s eff."

Q Jordon said...

If you come to a blog site and leave twnety-nine ways to identify a Paltalker-- you must be a Paltalker.

Someone pass the sour cream and French onion dip-shit. Oh nevermind, I found them on this blog.