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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I know surprising isn't it. I never knew shampoo could be gay, hell I didn't even know shampoo had sex. You don't believe me? Well you better read on.

Zomok-Rep-WA: unisex movement is crap.

abby_1312: zomok does that apply to my unisex shampoo also

Zomok-Rep-WA: shampoo dont have sex. duh.

abby_1312: zomok its called unisex shampoo

Zomok-Rep-WA: its probably gay

abby_1312: omg zomok thanks for letting me know my shampoo is gay, what would i do without you

Zomok-Rep-WA: unisex movement is shit

Yes, indeed what would we do without Zomok? Now I have only one question for Zomok in the picture below what excites you more? I'm betting it isn't the shampoo dispenser.

~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~


zipperdedoodah said...

LOL, omg that's funny. Zomok is a dork ! lol. Thanks for that facetious muse.

weetbix101 said...


Facetious Muse said...

Hehehehe, my pleasure

Q Jordon said...

I thought all shampoo was unisexed.
As far as shampoo being gay, the shampoo I used does make my penis get rigid as I wash my genitals.

Does this make it gay?


zipperdedoodah said...

LOL q ... too funny !