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Sunday, August 26, 2007


Second day running paltalk servers fell over. It's an unusual pattern. first, the lag increases, then half the room drops out (it appears the names remaining are the older names) We paltalkers, particularly Arwens room, have no backup in case paltalk is compromised fatally. I invite ALL my friends and foes to use RATTTLER as a point of contact in case of a paltalk failure. I value my paltalk friends highly and would hate to lose touch. I expect a bumpy ride on the internet as various Govts attempt to control it (Australian Govt is attempting to censor the net already)
They already have the propaganda machine that Murdoch and the other media magnates have delivered to them. we NEED the internet to get the TRUTH! Did you notice that a lot of the open forums are closing, or BEING CLOSED by various methods?.
Vive la revolution!


Q Jordon said...

The internet is a tool for both information and disinformation.

I would think that the people like Murdoch would love to abuse it.

But the truth is liberals and the left have dominated the net. At least they are in the U.S.


ononotagain said...

My point is that the word LIBERAL has a different meaning when discussing Aussie politicos.
This needs to be kept in mind when discussing US/AUS politics.
Q rocks!

ononotagain said...

oops, wrong article. see TWEEDELE DEE OR TWEEDLE DUM.

Q Jordon said...

I am not sure if I rock, but I have been known to recline once in a while.


Facetious Muse said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder how Jesus Claus is - I havent seen him in what seems like
ages --I just hope hes OK...

And the Crashes on Pal is driving
me crazy...