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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


INTERNET giant Google has denied its current fuzzy satellite images of Sydney are anything to do with APEC censorship,23636,22241978-462,00.html



weetbix101 said...

What are the real benefits to ordinary folks for such a display of indulgence by our world leaders?
Gonna cost at least $80 millions in additional security (ok granted great for cops and spooks...plenty of overtimes)and with 4000 delegates and their long suffering globe trotting servants...someone is bound to get horny during the week end and our local escort agencies by queen's order are here and ready to help!
Lets not be too cynical and let them have their party regardless of how much disruption this will cause our city but at the end of it i for one and for my money want a solution to the conflict in Iraq,global warming and the ever increasing price of bananas in NSW.

ononotagain said...

ibelxthe APEC meeting is not addressing Iran, Iraq or any other conflict, They are meeting to conspire how to continue exploiting the third world.
It's the "haves" ganging up together to retain their priveliges. sadly.

weetbix101 said...

Exploitation of the third world?....sounds like a job for the world bank rather
Those APEC leaders will come to town in their private jets,shake hands with their counterparts, play some golf in the morning,show up at the Opera house for some black tie events comes evening times and deliver a speech written by their staff and advisors, on schedule for the evening news.Then they will go home again.
The best that Sydney can expect is the sale of few "made in Taiwan" koala bears and generous tips for the waiters at the Bennelong bar.
As for the third world.....