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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bull Shit Phrases

Honor killing:

There's no honor in killing a member of your own family to protect your family as a whole from bigotted judgements.

Reverse discrimination/racism:

Discrimination is a state of mind as much as it is a recognition of power. You can be a bigot or racist even if the effect of your hate is lesser than hatred toward you.

Dishonorable murders (or just murder) and racism/discrimination; I have corrected them. You are welcome.


Q Jordon said...

The only place I have seen where Honor Killing is justified is within the Islamic religion.

I read where a sixteen year old female was brutally raped by six males in Pakistan, about a year ago.

To save their family honor, the brothers took her out into an alley, sliced her throat, and left her there.

Nice way to honor your sister, dillweeds.


Eff25 said...

Been wondering: What's your PalTalk name? Afraid I'm having trouble placing you.