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Sunday, August 26, 2007


As Aussies approach an election, we find ourselves in the same boat as Canadians and Americans, where we have right wing Govts taking us to hell in a handbasket! The trouble is that the "left wing" alternatives are rushing to the right to pander to the ignorant masses with a vote.
This cannot end well.
The Australian LIBERAL party (John Howards party currently in power) is politically as right wing as you get, same as Bush, sucks up to the Godiots and appeals to the selfishness and fears of the people.
Our alternative, like your Democrat party, is the Australian Labor Party.
led by Kevin Rudd. We are all in trouble!


Q Jordon said...

It appears we have problems all over the world when it comes to assholes being elected into office.

Yes, Bush has made the United States into a bullying nation, more so then ever in its history.

With Rupert Murdoch on his Neo-con side, we have found the enemy, it is called propaganda. Here in the United States, we that have not drank the kool-aid puke at the thought of watching Faux News.

And I would never consider dirtying my hand with a New York Post paper. But now, News Corp. has bought the Wall Street Journal and the Dow Jones Industrial News Letter, it is a matter of time before we see the neo-conservatives turn a once proud paper into a driveling piece of waste that I would not allow in my parrot's cage.


weetbix101 said...

ono u forgot to mention the Greens?
Bob brown is honest as it can be and its party has excellent policies.
The Greens would have all US bases dismantled , Tasmania would retain most of its trees,drugs would be decriminalized,animals would have rights and our troops pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq.Australia would become a Republic and that silly old farty Queen would have to get a visa to travel here.
Not bad for starters.Some call these policies "radical" i see them as "about times"
With the libs, Labour and Democrats you simply get more of the same.Take your pick

Eff25 said...

Pal's issues are starting to piss me off. at least once an hour it reloads on me.

ononotagain said...

I agree with Greens policies, but the reality is a vote for greens detracts from a labor vote, thereby risking a "Liberal" party re-election.
Most voters don't know how to vote preferentially, so a vote for Greens becomes a spoiler. Like voting Ralph Nader or Ron Paul in USA!