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Saturday, August 25, 2007


Well, it seems that everyone's true colors are coming out in light of my last post where I voiced my displeasure of the "newest" Rattler writer, Eff25. After re-reading all of his posts I still don't see the vaule that his writing will bring to this blog nor will he ever fill the shoes of the greatest writer on here (that being me). Zipper the dickhead and ohnonotthisidoitagain think they are funny with their backhanded comments about me and my "moods", I will find it funny when SIP does another post about this place and you writers. I will not come to your recuse but I will laugh my ass off at the attacks as they come (and I hope they come hard and fast).

Also I want to suggest a new title for this blog.....THE WASTE OF SPACE. That title is a more accute disscripation of what this has become. Also, I recommend Issabella to take a shower before signing into paltalk because everyone can smell her from here. I pray that she gets arrested for cyberstalking a sweet perosn like attila.

In closing I just want to say that writing on the rattler was not fun, it was pure hell and I leave here a defeated man because I learned that I can't be with "normal" people and write about "normal" things. i am going back into the shadows where i came from and I am never returning to this piece of shit place again as a writer, but i may come back as a commentor.

So, FUCK you all.......


Eff25 said...

Well, whether my writing is worthless crap or not, you have issues. I hoped your previous attitude was just an attempt at acerbic humor, though not done well, to be honest, but it seems you're angry, but more so quite sad.

Eff25 said...

You also can ignore me.

Facetious Muse said...

So Zombie are you trying single handed to get us mentioned in SIP again Well all I got to say to that is woohoo & when are you going to get to work getting us a mention in the Tatttler?!!!!

Eff if you think we havent had this thing happened before at the Rattler just go back a few mths lol. Hell I was even involved in one such show down. Eff thank you for not letting the fear (or dark humor?) of one run you off. It just proves you are Rattler Stuff and we all thank you for coming aboard.

Also Zombie you can fuck us all, would that at the same time or seperatly? hehehehe

~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~

P.S. Kenny I still love ya nd hold a special place in my heart for ya and nothing you can do will ever change that and when you feel better I will still be here if you need to talk and I'm NOT being facetious

Anonymous said...

awww Kenny's gonna take his toys and go home.

Anonymous said...

Would you please make use of spell check.
Perhaps a refresher course in English 101.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean he isn't the master of the zombies anymore?

Eff25 said...

Thank you, Muse.

Anonymous said...

zombie you're acting like a dick

Q Jordon said...

So this is what happens when a person finds out someone pissed in their Wheaties?

Kenny is not only a Zombiemaster, but he is now a cereal killer.


Anonymous said...

cereal killer? (groan)

jaxnstuff said...

Dear T_R_0_N - O THAT'S ME Dear kenny - fku2man [ smile ]