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Friday, September 29, 2006


After watching this, I dare anyone to say that Bush didn't drop the ball with BinLaden & 911.
BinLaden was offered to Bush in Feb, of 2001, after BinLaden was wanted in the States and before 9-11.

I'm demanding answers from any that support Bush and blame 9-11 on Clinton. I demand to know how anyone in their right minds can even begin to say there was no way anyone could conceive a terrorist act by planes. Enough BS excuses, enough BS party reasons, I WANT ANSWERS!!!

I have has enough of the tip-toe reasons given. Bush did NOT one damn thing to secure OUR country pre 9-11. Do not give me the bs that he has kept the country safe since then, he could have kept the country safe pre 9-11, it never had to happen. As far as he has kept the country safe since 9-11, show me PROOF!!! Cause all I see is Bush's word that this is true, and forgive me if I don't have much faith in his 'word' with all the lies he has fed us, the American people.

I WANT ANSWERS AND I WANT THE TRUTH!!!! Come on someone tell me how you can trust Bush, give me a reason to believe. Someone explain to me how Bush has no responbility for allowing 9-11 to happen, and damn it do NOT insult me with more BS, show me proof.

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SocialIssuesComplainer said...

The Rattler has some explaing to do. Jesus Claus says isabellah is an idiot, but then makes her a contributor? Hmmmm BUSTED

Facetious Muse said...

What is your problem? This is not the thread for that comment. Come on. Geeze some people

Just_April1974 said...

Since 911 and New Orleans, the Bush administration has consistantly tried to cover up their ineptitudes when it comes to having had their priorities in order or not, they have used their controlling power in the House and Senate to bully and minipulate anyone who has tried to make the truth known to the public, but the truth is always there, and lies must be covered by more lies which eventually end up being bungled by the fools who try to weave them to begin with, the true story eventually comes to light. The old saying has rarely ever been more important than it is today,"The truth shall set us free!" Those who have caused so much chaos, death, and destruction, by either their neglegance, or their cowardous to stand up for what is right, shall eventually pay a very high price indeed, for "what goes around, DOES in fact come back around in the end!" It is time to put a stop to the long line of corrupt, incapable, power hungry career politicians and return America back to the strong, united, prestigious country that she once was! We must work together as a nation to seek the truth, to weed out the scum that have manipulated us, have misrepresented themselves as being our voices, and show that the American citizens are DAMN TIRED of this, and we are NOT going to take it anymore!!!

Just my thoughts.

Jay156 said...

Bush has admitted making mistakes. You libs keep writing and talking as though he thinks he is perfect. Could we have stopped the 911 attacks after Bush took office? We didn't have September 11 as a target date by any means. We hadn't been attacked on our soil prior to either. Imagine imposing the restrictions we now have on boarding an airliner prior to September 11. People bitch and complain about it now and we were attacked. Does anyone actually think Congress would have passed anything? How about the FAA? The time to stop this was during the planning and funding stage. If we would have had a Patriot Act during the Clinton Administration we would be singing a different tune. But, then again, who would have voted to pass the Patriot Act pre-911? The facts are we were a country at sleep at the wheel during the Clinton Administration AND during the pre-911 Bush Administration. Why is that so hard to come to agreement on?

Michelle said...

Again Jay....WHITE HOUSE FACT SHEET ON COUNTER-TERRORISM MEASURES We agree that it was a mess, but to blame Clinton solely for the mess is preposperous. To say he did nothing is ignorant. That seems to be the debate of the week. You ask could we have stopped the attacks on 9/11? Yes, we could have and should have. We had the intelligence and the warnings. We had the legislatation to open up the doors and start fixing intelligence agencies that needed fixed. Republicans tore it apart. Over and over again you people have been told how Bush handled the security problems at the beginning of 2001. There were plenty of terrorists attacks going on for this administration to be on alert. 9/11 was not the first time we were attacked on our soil. (shakes head) Matter of fact there was a study during the Reagan years about the security of the WTC and it's high interest to terrorists. Even speaking of planes flying into it. This is a fact and has been recorded, it is not conspiracy. As I said before, why didn't Bush Sr. do something? You are right, Bush Jr. does get alot of flack for his stupidity, but people conveniently forget about the other criminial Bush Sr. Why is he getting off so easy? It is pretty darn pathetic. To plead ignorant does not forgive such negligence. These are people that were in charge of the security of the USA. They were suppose to be accountable and at their desks during such a high security time for our nation. If this was 1776 Bush would have already been tarred and feathered. The only thing that saves him is the Republican congress.

Facetious Muse said...

Well said Michelle :)

Has anyone else noticed that since Jay has been "attacked" back woith facts, he has 'cut & run'?

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