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Saturday, September 23, 2006


I wanted to thank Tom Joad for inviting me to his room, sharp witted intellectual repartee to hear the audio recording of Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States. If you see him around SI, be sure to bug him about doing it again soon. If you haven't read or heard this book, you are missing out. Luckily for you, this is a link to the full text of the book online.

What we should do is toss a few neocons like MrArchieBunker and Vic Ferrari into a van, tie them to chairs, and force them to listen to 40 straight hours of Zinn's book, as read by Matt Damon. Hey, neocons fully support torture, so they have nothing to complain about.



MrArchieBunker said...

That'll be the day Claus. Are you aware Joad is one of these 'loose change' whack jobs?? It seems all the pal talk lefties are now. I love it

vacreeper2003 said...
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vacreeper2003 said...

MrArchieBunker is not interested in American History. Enlightenment is a threat to him - he's the type who sees history as nothing more than the rise and fall of empires. MrArchieBunker is an impudent simpleton. He has a mind unprincipled, a logic undeveloped, and a deplorable, indeed reprehensible, paucity of empathy. He lives and breathes the uneducated, hard-bitten, arrogant, simpleton, ugly American that IS the neocon.

We liberals see history as the essence of humanity; a living philosophy that imbues us with the probative value of empiricism - that the human experience does not occur in a vacuum, but is rather an iterative process to be savored and put to profitable use through the ages.

The incoherent rantings of madmen - the machinations of the MrArchieBunkers of the world - the true "loose change whack jobs" - believe humanity's greatest achievement lies with our gunsmithing and our ability to kill our own species. History teaches us to reject that indictment and to pursue our more noble endeavors. Sometimes we must bide our time and allow the destroyers to eat their own, being the savage, wild dogs that they are.

And if there ever was a dog, MrArchieBunker certainly fills the billet.

Anonymous said...

When will Leftyz learn that the word neocon isn't a good put down. It simply means neoconservative

Eff25 said...

That's a rather hypocritical statement, anonymous, if not from you, then in general. Liberal's been used to demonize for years.

Either way, it's not the proper definitions some people are concerned with, but with the negative or disagreeble aspects as they see them. Obviously, people don't insult with the neocon label because they simply oppose the two words, it has to do with perceived or actual behavior by neocons. Isn't that why liberal is used as an insult by some?

Jay156 said...

Calling someone a lib makes them all pissy and bitchy...take Claus for example...his gets so irritated that his vagina actually becomes dry and crusty...not to mention what it has done to Isabellah, have you seen her pic lately?

FRisson1 said...

Proud Liberal here .... I wear it like a badge.... I am an Atheist, socialist and a card carrying member of the ACLU ..... I's great to be a free American with many choices.

Jay156 said...

that explains a lot frisson, thank you