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Monday, September 25, 2006



WASHINGTON - Retired military officers on Monday are expected to bluntly accuse Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld of bungling the war in Iraq, saying U.S. troops were sent to fight without the best equipment and that critical facts were hidden from the public."I believe that Secretary Rumsfeld and others in the administration did not tell the American people the truth for fear of losing support for the war in Iraq," retired Maj. Gen. John R. S. Batiste said in remarks prepared for a hearing by the Senate Democratic Policy Committee.A second witness, retired Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton, is expected to assess Rumsfeld as "incompetent strategically, operationally and tactically ....""Mr. Rumsfeld and his immediate team must be replaced or we will see two more years of extraordinarily bad decision-making," said his testimony prepared for the hearing, to be held six weeks before the Nov. 7 midterm elections in which the war is a central issue.The conflict, now in its fourth year, has claimed the lives of more than 2,600 American troops and cost more than $300 billion.Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., the committee chairman, told reporters last week that he hoped the hearing would shed light on the planning and conduct of the war. He said majority Republicans had failed to conduct hearings on the issue, adding, "if they won't ... we will."Since he spoke, a government-produced National Intelligence Estimate became public that concluded the war has helped create a new generation of Islamic radicalism and that the overall terrorist threat has grown since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Since he spoke, a government-produced National Intelligence Estimate became public that concluded the war has helped create a new generation of Islamic radicalism and that the overall terrorist threat has grown since the attacks of Sept. 11,2001.

Hello people?! Many of us have been saying these things for quite some time now, what will it take to get people to open their eyes, clean the proverbial Bushit out of their ears, and simply LISTEN to what has become mere COMMON SENSE to most of us?! Put yourself in the shoes of the farmers who's fields have been plowed and burned, supposedly because the military says that they offer a place for terrorist to hide, how would YOU feel if your only means to feed and clothe your children was ripped out from under you? How would YOU feel if you were then threatened, or even beaten for speaking out against these abuses? How would YOU feel if you, your wife, your children, your neighbors, or other family member were beaten, kidnapped, harassed, even tortured or murdered, and you saw no justice?! All in the name of power, control, and money. Don't you believe that if these things were happening in America, that there would be an uprising of people who would lash out to hurt those responsible in any way that they could? You are damned right there would be! People would NEVER tolerate being threatened in such a manner in America! Then how is it that normal, rational people could expect that anyone, in any other country, would accept such treatment? If anyone can give me a solid, rational reason to explain why, I would love to hear it.

Just my thoughts.


Jay156 said...

Yes Claus you nailed it...We have nothing better to do than go around torching innocent farmers and their fields. Of course we know that no one would ever harbor a terrorist! We are simply so evil that we look for opportunities to kill as many people as we possibly can. I heard that soldiers were going around handing out lollypops and as soon as the unsuspecting children put them in their mouths our soldiers took them away and laughed all while twisting their mock mustaches! Muah hahaha.

Come on Claus...give the childish "evil darth vader-like" American fantasy a rest. It only makes you look stupid. I find it interesting that you characterized a group of exmilitary men that came out against then presidential candidate John Kerry as an "election year smokescreen" but actually give credence to this as something more. LAUGHABLE!

Jay156 said...

sorry, I didn't read the byline...It just sounded like you Claus....I should have taken the extra time to see that it was April. I wouldn't have wasted my breathe trying to correct the dumbass.

Just_April1974 said...

I posted that Jay, sorry... I am NOT JC. I guess it is too much for you to ask to search YouTube and watch Cable TV to see how the troops are acting over there, and exatly what is being said by the people. These videos are out there by the hundreds, MANY of them taped by the soldiers themselves! Such as one that I saw on YouTube where the soldiers were discussing how mad that they were, because the streets were lined with little kids between the ages of 3 to 12 throwing rocks at them, and they had a problem with the fact that the higher-up's wouldn't allow them to ENGAGE (as in get out and BLOW HOLES through) these children! Please Jay, do some homework before you make comments such as the one that you made here. I am NOT one of the blind liberals that you are used to conversing with. I THINK for myself, I DO a great deal of research about the things that I discuss, and I TRY NOT to ever look at anything from just one point of view, we live in a three dimentional world after all.

IsabellaSays said...

lol april when i read the title of your post i thought it said; "circumsize" rumsfeld lolllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Jay156 said...

you look at things through all points of view eh? Funny how all of your thoughts tend to fall right in line with the talking points the libs lay out for us all to gag on.

Facetious Muse said...

I don't see how anyone can deny what this present admin has done to the world's view of the United States. How can anyone sit and say torture is ok or say define torture. Here's a clue, if you wouldn't be comfortable with our troops or citizens being treated that way, it is torture and/or wrong.

Just yesterday I saw on the news the reference of the 14 yr old child that was raped and killed along with her family and the media refered to her as 'young woman'.

What a disgrace to the so call free press of the US. To call her a young woman is somehow to lessen the horrific crime committed. Give me a freaking break.

What is going on in Iraq is nothing short of inhuman, we say we are giving the Iraqis freedom, yet things have never been worst.

Time to wake up and take off those damn blinders. Blind faith in bad leaders is not patriotism.

~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~

Jay156 said...

Like I have paint with pretty broad strokes....the entire effort isnt vile just because you read a story that a few have been raped...sorry

a few teachers have been caught diddling we close down schools?

a few police men have been caught taking we shut down police stations?

some people use the internet to look at kiddie we shut that down too?

You don't make sense

Facetious Muse said...

Jay, thank you ever so much for helping to make my point.

BTW it is more than a 'few rapes' and the case I was refering to her entire family inluding a 4 YEAR OLD CHILD was murdered.

Teacher's being caught 'diddling students'? It is sexual abuse and if public officals would do their damn job it wouldn't happen as much. Plus yes, shut down the damn public schools, they are a failure.

Cops taking bribes, well would that happen if the government again did their job in screening and watch-dogging these cops. Or how about if cops got paid a decent wage (and it kills me to say this as I think most cops have serious mental issues).

As to 'kiddie porn' (another way to lessen abuse to use word kiddie porn), NO ONE should be able to access any type of kiddie porn, and don't even try to tell me that it could not be done.

Jay you are the one that makes no sense, you are the one that 'paints with pretty broad strokes', you are right the entire war isn't just vile due to the incident I mentioned. It is VILE due to all the incidents occurring in Iraq, not to mention the fact we went to Iraq based on LIES!!!!!

Get a clue and while you are at it, may I suggest a heart, I'm sure the Tin Man will step aside.

~~~~~Forever A Factious Pain~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~Sweet Smiles~~~~~~~~~~

(Smiles just for you Jay, since I know you enjoy them soooo much)

Jay156 said...

lol, shutting down public schools...more pearls of wisdom from the place logic goes to die....

Facetious Muse said...

Jay, I used to think of you as an intellegence type of person that was just on the other side of the fence, politically. I used to enjoy debating with you. Yet now you seem to be a totally different person, with attacks and insults as your only means of debating. I hope that this will pass soon.

As far as closing public schools, they need to be closed. Public schools are a complete failure, now I know not every parent has the time to homeschool their child, but there is also a solution to this.

Do some research and see how much it costs taxpayers to pay for one child to go to a failing school, then reseach how much it would be for that same one child to be tutored.

Other countries have the right idea, where they give a parent money that stay at home with their children and evidence proves these children do better as adults. It is so wrong that the richest country in the world has let our children fall to the sidelines.

Jay, no one denies: neither the conservatives or liberals, that the public school system is a complete failure. Why is it so many conversatives' solution is to place a band-aid on it and keep allowing our children to fall even futher behind rest of the world. When did children quit being our most prized?

Jay, take some time to think and quit aurguing just for the sake of fighting, this is just a suggestion. Come up with one solution, one ideal, one hint of changing things for the better instead of insulting and spreading hate. You are acting in a way that is beneath you.

~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~Sweet Smiles~~~~~~~~~~

Just_April1974 said...

Jay, maybe you are gagging because the cold hard truth is a bit too bitter for you to swallow. Sometimes I believe that politicians have people scanning the net to see what people are saying, because I swear, it seems like they are copying us regular debaters on the net. Yes, I DO look at things from all points of view. I unlike many, realize that often times war is necessary, that although peace would be ideal, we cannot assure the sanity or ego levels of others in the world who would seek to cause massive harm to others who are more vulnerable. Just because I realize these things does NOT is any way mean that I will ever support, or try and justify "OUR SIDE" when it does immoral, inhumane, or illegal things. The ONLY way that we can try and keep our government "of the people, by the people, and for the people," is to keep a close eye on them, and correct them when they mess up, otherwise, they reach a point where there is no accountability for their actions, and civil war would be the only way to regain conttrol. I think we would agree, that avoiding such a situation would be optimal for us all.

Just my thoughts.

Just_April1974 said...

LMAO Isa, getcha mind outta the gutter. :P


Jay156 said...

All homeschooling mothers should be forced to give back their memories of friends, parties, and good times that they made in highschool...Does everything have to be a total fucking political issue?

School serves many happens to be education...Just what we need, a society of young people that didnt detatch from the nipple until they were 19

Jay156 said...

and, by the way April...could you possibly think any higher of yourself? You seem to think that what you thought of me amounts to hill of petrified dog shit to me.

The next time I choose to read one of your rantings and you go on to describe yourself as just a little lower than God himself I think I just might have to shift lunch into reverse. I've been around the net for along time myself April...I've been on paltalk much longer than you actually....and the only reason I don't blog is because I'd rather let you shitstains do the work and simply comment on your sites....a little hint April...


Maybe if you want people like myself to take you seriously or at least listen to you try to make it sound like you aren't trying to stage a coup and "take over" this country...If you truly want to end this polarization then stop acting like you are the only ones who's shit doesnt stink...And it would probably be nice not to accuse people who believe we need to protect this nation with our military as being murderers...Just a few things to start on.