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Friday, September 29, 2006


WOW, I couldn't have put what needed to be said better that the guy above did!

This is the link to the preview of, "JESUS CAMP." Some REALLY frightening stuff!

Just my thoughts.


Jay156 said...

I agree, this camp is creepy...Just don't throw all Children's Church camps under the bus because of this...Im sure none of you atheist libs would do such a thing.

Facetious Muse said...

On this I have to agree with you Jay. Not all Children Church camps all like this 'Jesus Camp'. I also hope that no one groups all the children camps together, for some of them, rather you are religious or not, do have a lot to offer a child.

Although I'm not an atheist, I'm certainly not into religion, but agree some of the summer camps offer a lot to a child, especially children that have lived their entire lives in a big city.

Darn it I had to agree with Jay ;o)

April great posting :)

~~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~Sweet Smiles~~~~~~~~~~~

Eff25 said...

Well, I couldn't watch Jesus Camp for a full minute.

Michelle said...

No matter how they color it, it is endoctrination. Nobody needs to bring Jesus/God/Yahweh/Abraham (whatever people want to call him this week) back, if you have faith in your God it will always be there. These sort of extremists are no better than Islamic extremists. They are just harvesting the new Tim McVeigh's or abortion clinic bombers.

Michelle said...

I guess we know why Cheney makes so many trips to North Dakota :)

Vox said...

The whole thing turned me off in that it used "shock and awe" in an attempt to get you to listen to the real point which he said very well, but I had my fundamentalist christian husband listen to it and he walked away immediately. So, tell me how it helped to resolve this issue?

Extremism will always force people to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye and only serve to further entrench them into their position.

I like where I stand. I choose to try to find the balance and I always will. This sort of thing just reaffirms my own position. Thank you for sharing. I will pass it along to my spiritual group. Some there tend to rally on the extreme side and perhaps they will get the message.

I felt bad for my husband though. He was deeply offended and it's a shame that he or anyone has to suffer such a thing, but with freedom comes a price. That price often means that to enjoy our freedom we have to allow others that don't think like us to say what's on their mind as well.

In discussing it though, he is beginning to see much of what we have often fought over. Some lessons are better taught the hard way. His faith remains in tact and I'm glad for him, but he's beginning to realize how his beliefs have harmed our relationship. Not that his beliefs are wrong, but that my beliefs are mine and that I didn't choose my path lightly. For that alone, he should have respected my right to choose and not try to "lord" over me.

He's getting there. Slowly, but surely. :-)

May the Gods and Goddesses grant us all patience with each other!

Mary aka Vox /|\ )o(