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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Ladies and Gentlemen, Jes was at it once again and boy was she in all her glory. There was a new twist this time though, she had Mothers and Magnum Potent in her corner. Oh now I know most realize that Jes is not the brightest light in the mix, but this went beyond stupidity. Jes decided talking about how Bush and the republicans were losing favor with the American people was not an important enough topic (I'm sure it had nothing to do with the facts being presented proving Bush was not being favorably viewed by the majority of Americans, it just couldn't have been that). Jes came on mic and said she wanted to talk about New Orleans and what came out of her mouth was nothing short of appalling.

Now I do try to give Jes some slack; since it has become known to , she is intelligently challenged, but this night had not a thing to do with her intelligence just her mean spiritedness. Well since I am a wee bit bias when it comes to Jes I will let you, the reader decide for yourself.

Mystic Sea Maiden: a gift!!!!!! Jes, a gift?
MrTD: she is stupid
Lady Mango: for 3 days
Lady Mango: after it happened
MrTD: Jess your stupid pass the mic
Lady Mango: total lies
m1 tanker: a gift i dont think i would say that
Mystic Sea Maiden: cleansed New Orleans?
Zomok-Rep-WA: amen jesseado.
MALINGERER: A gift, except for those who died and lost their
EKKO ekko: wow Mystic
MrTD: she said Katrina was a gift
Lady Mango: watching crying people beg for help
MrTD: hahahahaha
EKKO ekko: did you see that too
Lady Mango: two weeks straight
Mystic Sea Maiden: all those that died I guess they needed to die to 'cleanse New Orleans
MrTD: Katrina was a gift Jess?? for whom
JesSeado: yes
m1 tanker: a gift??? is definetly not a good word to use
JesSeado: a gift
m1 tanker: we had 4 hurricanes in florida no gift
Mystic Sea Maiden: ohgoodness, I cannot believe you said it needed cleansed Jes
Mystic Sea Maiden: i cant believe her ekko
JesSeado: do you really want to talk to me about Katrina?
JesSeado: that is crazy
EKKO ekko: Mystic unbelievable
Mystic Sea Maiden: Jes you really believe that Hurricane Katrina was a gift? Do you really believe New Orleans needed "cleansed:?
JesSeado: 50 miles from new orleans
MizNikki: truth ?
JesSeado: yep i believe that
MALINGERER: "Katrina was a gift, it cleansed New Orleans" Jessedo Sept 10, 2006
JesSeado: I am very transparent
JesSeado: un like the the room
MothersBruleSioux: leave.. my sis..Jes.. alone
Zomok-Rep-WA: I love jesseado. she rocks!
truthserum17: JES LIES
mr mike ocksbulge: ... JES ... wisper some more shit girlfriend
MizNikki: lol
kevin284: jess u are sick
buds33: the terrorist in NO?
JesSeado: heck i know new orleans
JesSeado: it cleansed new orleans
MALINGERER: How disgusting to hear Americans say that Katrina was an ethnic cleansing......sick sick mother fuckers
MagnumPotent: Katrina was the best thing that happened to New Orleans

Now before you ask why is Mothers so protective over Jes I will share what I have heard, Mothers and Jes are the newest couple on pal. They seemed to be happy as can be, until the doctor informed them they could not reproduce (bet they wished they had been allowed to attend that sexual education class).

This came as a surprise & horrible blow to them both, I guess perhaps Jes should have called Dr. Phil before she committed herself to Mothers(we now know why Mothers has never seen a penis). Now on the happier side, Jes' and Mothers' wedding ceremony will include vows of celibacy and proving their love with mutual female circumcisions.

As for why Magnum Potent even bothered to speak is beyond me, maybe he thinks he has a chance with those two.

~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~
~~~~~Sweet Smiles~~~~~


vacreeper2003 said...

I have no doubt that Jes and Magnum and Mothers would argue that the 9/11 attacks were a gift to NY and were the best thing that could happen to NY.

Folks, you have to remember, we are dealing with the dregs of society here - malcontents with their own miserable lives who revel in the misfortunes of others to somehow mollify their own fears. It's the result of a lifetime of being shoved in the corner and told to shut up and color by their authority figures (you're probably safe when you assume Magnum was raised by two Alpha-Male homosexuals).

It is clear that Magnum and Jes were both steeped in racism, intolerance and hatred, after all, they are from the South, and both have argued in the past that "racism is dead" in the South (which is typically how racists try to mask their true colors). They have only confirmed what we already know.

But take heart, rational people out there, even the neocons aren't oblivious to the fact that Bush and the Retrograde Repukes will face their comeupance in November, and, well, it's just too much for blowhard eremitics like Jes and Magnum to swallow, so they feel the need to lash out and broadcast to the world just how sick and shameful and expropriated they really are.

These are the folks not to be taken seriously - all three of them suffers from some sort of antisocial personality disorder that causes them make comments like New Orleans needed to be "cleansed." Louisiana would do well to purge itself of the likes of MagnumPotent and Jeseudo - two of the most manifestly despicable and loathesome individuals on PT.

Just_April1974 said...

Well, I cannot say that it surprises me one bit that JesSeaDooDoo would spew such sickening shit from her mouth, nor some of the others for that matter. They PROVE that our country MUST implement MUCH better mental health care, before there is no hope left for America. For those people that are of a different ethnicity other than caucasian, I give my apoligies on behalf of the ignorant scum who still exist in America. It is my hope that someday, at least 99.99% of the ignorance in America will be "bred out" of existance, and people can focus their lives on being exited for a better tomorrow.

Just my thoughts.

Michelle said...

The reason it was a gift to Jes is because....In the wake of the tragedy of Katrina, Jes made a hefty profit on her property. Renting her apartments, or whatever she has out at a very inflated price. That is why it was a gift to her, she took advantage of people like the rest of the vultures. Ask her about it.