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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Well, another troll has sneaked in this 1st rate blog by the name of "I said it, you read it". Boy, his comments makes attila the chicken shit's look like they are nobel peace prize worthy. Hey, numbnuts...this is a blog, not the fucking newspaper or CNN. We poke fun at the straightlaced fuckwads who think pal talk is their own soapbox by trying to be a 4th rate Rush Limbaugh. I wasn't hired to enlighten you with pearls of wisdom (I leave that to those better qualified than I), I was brought here to provide a tickle in the funny bones for friends and enemies. I have the license to do what I want, when I want and no one save God himself will stop me. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride because it gets bumpier from here.

It has come to my attention that the idiot who writes on the tattler is writing while under the influnce of prozac, so, having found that out I am no longer reading her/his/its blog for fear of losing my own sanity. I see chickenshit has gotten it to be that my comments are still not allowed on converstink. That's ok, I can tell her to FUCK OFF here anytime I want, so please attila, cancel your ISP, sell your computer and please leave us normal people in cyberspace alone and stop subjecting us to your mindless rehashing of old bullshit that was proven wrong years ago. Besides, its better to be caught in a lie about a blowjob than a lie about why we are in this stupid war. So there!

And on a personal note to the fucking jackass who has a blog called "social issues photographer"..I saw what you did and I didn't see the humor in it so leave my fucking family out of this or you're next on the list.


IsabellaSays said...

ummm... not to mention that i woke to a pm from jesus ASKING me to cross post my blog about attillaTheTATTLER onto this blog heheheh.. seems someone is uncomfortable with others "calling someone out" lol too bad... you say it.. you OWN it

Anonymous said...

Zombiemaster said: I wasn't hired to enlighten you with pearls of wisdom (I leave that to those better qualified than I)

Jesus Claus paying you with M&M's? Or are you lying yet again, because we all know you're not getting paid dumbass