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Sunday, September 17, 2006


Let's start with a definition for those unaware of what AttilaTheTATTLER has been doing in the TATTLERS' issues;

Sockpuppet (sometimes known also as a mule, glove puppet, alt(alternate) account, or joke account) is an additional account created by an existing member of an Internet community pretending to be a separate person. This may be done so as to manufacture the illusion of support in a vote or argument or to act without social effect on one's "main" account. This behaviour is often seen as dishonest by online communities and as a result these individuals are often labeled as trolls.

Ahhhh yes... good ole AttilaTheTATTLER has been protecting the identity of the TATTLER by writing about herself in THIRD PERSON.. inserting Attila's emails & comments in the TATTLERS' issues as if they are SEPARATE people!! *lmaoooooooo*
(they must do deceptive stuff like that near Galveston, TX... or even in Hitchcock, TX..) who woulda thunk it? lolololol


We know for a FACT Attilla is posting as the TATTLER because of software used by an email that TRACED WHERE the email was OPENED; Hitchcock, TX!! Ring a bell Attilla? lol

So here's my response, along with quite a few others' responses to this newfound info; The thing is, I, and i'm guessing others, have already accused Attila of being the Tattler, and so in that sense, this is just another accusation, and people will be likely to dismiss it. Because of XXXXX's trace, we have PROOF POSITIVE that it's her. Someone sent the tattler an email, and had a program that told them where the person who opened the email was located, which was Hitchcock, TX, and I know independently from Attila's own words that she is in Hitchcock, TX. And, she has specifically denied being the Tattler, and that it is now apparent that she is the Tattler, and thus those denials were lies. That is really the essence of why sockpuppeting is such an egregious crime on the net. She is deceiving people, drawing some benefit from it, and is lying willfully to protect the deception.

The hateful, venomous fiction she writes under the guise of the TATTLER cannot be matched by anyone. She fears "naming" herself as the TATTLER because ppl online in SI would treat her like the pariah she is!! a "troll".. according to the definition of a SOCK PUPPET. Bet it gets pretty lonely under that bridge doesn't it TROLL? lollolol
Think of this definition as you read the TATTLER inserting Attilas' emails and writings in their daily issues.. it's Attila, talking about herself in third person.
Below, I have taken the time to copy & paste a bit of Attila (the TATTLER) sock puppeting in the daily issues!! check it out!!
She's writing AND answering herself!! lolololol

How does one describe the possilfossil? I suppose you could start with heartless, phony, cowardly and out of touch with reality. Does he really think that he’s so important, people are ‘out to get him’? No… as he draws ever closer to his own mortality, he’s painfully aware of his triviality and is acting out in. But it’s a sad legacy he leaves in the autumn of his years,. deluding himself into thinking that it’s only the “neocons” (as if the word neocon actually means “bad people”) who find him abhorrent, when so many with opposing political views have stood up and denounced him for the wretched creature he is. Time and again in room text, on mic, and in blog posts, we’ve witnessed a bi-partisan distaste for his words and deeds. He gets it… and he knows that he’s crossed the line of politics and crossed over into the hinterland of indecency. He is considered an abomination. His little soliloquy about winding up “the neocons” was just possil trying to save face because he hasn’t the courage to say what a 5-year-old child whose balls haven’t even dropped yet would – “I was wrong and I’m sorry.”

There is a wildly hilarious side to all this though, and that’s the undeniable hypocrisy of the Brits in Social Issues. As a group, they self-righteously profess their abhorrence for intolerance, sanctimoniously disparaging Americans for their “racism and bigotry” -- while coddling and defending possil! One can only imagine the tsunami of outrage that would rise to engulf Social Issues, if anyone who didn’t just happen to bear U.K. citizenship, said the things possil did and then tried to pass them off as “taken out of context”. I have something for the British, who are historically fond of telling Americans that we don’t understand their humor, because of its biting wit: Here, bite THIS! We get it. It’s just that a gaggle of pompous, British geese aren’t very funny. Besides, you define the word disingenuous with your actions. Truly you need to go back to the drawing board if you think you’ll regain world supremacy by way of a chat program or via some silly-ass blog. Now just to show you that we Americans aren’t quite as dumb as you think, how’s this for irony: You Brits, who continue to excuse and defend possil’s monstrous statements are in bed, bumping uglies with none other than isabellah. Now that is truly a classic example of British humor! (This might just bring back an old fashion trend – the codpiece!) LMAO

To possil: You foolishly bragged that you wind me up and I’m your little monkey on a string. As always, you’re wrong. Yes, you sicken me and a lot of others, but that’s as far as it goes. Truth is, you’re a pathetic old man, far too impotent in intellect to wind anyone up anymore. You’re nothing but old news, desperately clinging to your 15 minutes of fame. For the most part, you’re now shunned in rooms where decent, intelligent people gather to share camaraderie. It’s you who are the monkey running around from blog to blog, and room to room. You have been reduced to the role of room toy. You are seen dancing to the tune of those who see through you and know you for what you are. Each time you put your fingers on the keyboard or open your mouth, another layer of your degraded humanity is peeled away, thus revealing the putrescence of your soul. I don’t need to lift a finger or say a word. You continue to dig your own grave and in your arrogance, play into the hands of those who refuse to excuse your wickedness. It is your puppet master, Envy, who tied you fast to the strings of hatred, ignorance, cowardice, depravity, fear and bigotry. And there you dangle. Dance, little monkey…dance.

Attila the Hen

The Tattler:
Possil will be " astounded"

This is only ONE example.. but the examples of her sock puppeting are DAILY!! LOL

Now, let's move on to even MORE hypocrisy of AttilaTheTATTLER, shall we?

Below you will see a plea to the readers that the TATTLER doesn't ever refer to CHILDREN, nor does she ALLOW it in her DAILY issues. I will post her latest plea below, and follow it by her blatant hypocrisy in earlier writings (saint my ass lololol... saint LIAR is more like it lolol)

PossilFossil, who shouted like a screaming banshee foul play, when AttilaTheHun sent an email referencing his children, was the first to write in defense of Andrea. Amazing, just fucking amazing. Andrea alluded to her innocence on microphone " How does The Tattler know I was at my keyboard?" I know, because I was there and saw you texting. Now you may very well have a typing cat, but baring that, you were in the room and listening and at the keyboard


No, you didn't imagine what the Tattler said, but I'll go you one, maybe two better. Here is PRECISELY what I wrote:

"I agree with some that yes, he's a lonely old man whose children obviously pay him no mind, but does that excuse his malignant hatred? Not to me, sorry. My mind is snapped shut to hatred and selfishness. Maybe it's exactly that hatred,and selfishness that's driven his children away -- the same way he's driving people away in Social Issues. Or perhaps after a lifetime of teaching his children to strive for mediocrity under the glorious banner of Socialism as he did, and falling short even of that, he turned into the pathetic cloud of misery we see today -- and misery loves company."
Also within 48 hours, the Tattler, him or herself wrote:
"Isabellah of Social Issues married to someone who can't make a sammich, fled to chat programs..."

So, those who are without sin, please cast the first stone. Hypocrites first... of course.

Attila the Hen


We also barred Attila's emails from being published for some time after the Possil innocent...

yet.... the TATTLER didn't mind publishing emails about a user NOT BEING ABLE TO BEAR CHILDREN!! Right? Thats' ok right?.. let's just print an issue DAY AFTER DAY about the user's INABILITY TO HAVE KIDS OF THEIR OWN... fuck off attila, you lose.. caught by your very own words you lying bastard... who the fuck do you think you are picking and choosing WHOSE KIDS are off limits online? and IN THE TATTLER?? fuck off
Below is ANOTHER EXAMPLE of your lies about "protecting children" in your blog you lying, dried up, nasty, deceitful bitch... READ BELOW AND WEEP.. YOU SAY IT, YOU OWN IT bitch;

From the Hen House.

Those of you willing to allow nuty to now play the innocent victim because she is childless and I was mean enough to allude to her barren state, please be advised if you’re unaware, or if you forgot, please remember that she has pulled out and played that particular dog-eared and worn card so much that it’s time for a new deck. Childlessness is her pity amulet and she rubs it when the need arises induce sympathy – and usually because she’s been behaving badly and crossed over the line. While there WAS a time that I, too was sensitive to her desire for children, I now hold the following opinions, and offer these observations:

There are worse tragedies in life than childlessness. For those who desire children but are unable to conceive or carry to term, it can be disappointing, but there are options available for those like nuty with money to burn (or so she says). But even if one makes the decision to remain childless and not exercise existing choices for whatever reason, it’s their business and certainly none of mine. However, I reiterate: being childless is NOT the greatest misfortune or heartbreak that can befall a human being.
Thank you,
Attila (the Hen)

Shame on ya Attilla... shame on you
Your hands are FILTHY with the dirt you type. You are now officially; THE PALTALK SOCKPUPPET TROLL
So TATTLER? AKA; AttilaTheHag? if you think for 5 seconds that your comments on children are "off limits," tell me why you allowed Attilas' email disparaging nuttys' INABILITY to have children of her own? I'll tell you WHY, because you think you are above reproach and YOU used the sock puppet method to get by with it!! WHAT A DISGRACEFUL LIAR YOU ARE !!!

Here's to you AttilaTheTATTLER you fucking, lying, whorebag!!

waiting & watching~~
~~issa (ThePowerfulKeeperOfBlogPosts)


PoliticsUnited said...

JC is this what your blog has turned into? I thought this was a blog covering world events, not some lame blog with a woman PMSing about another woman. Wasn't this covered in an earlier post? If this keeps up I'm outta here

AnonymousPoster said...

I know that Isabellah doesnt always give her full attention to things going on since shes usually otherwise detained, much like Bill and Monica, so it is no surprise that she missed that the Tattler has revealed "himself" as being a man many times. It is possible to determine gender in writing if one tries, but as I said, Isabellah is usually not paying attention.

Atilla must be one busy woman if Isabellah thinks she can write on her own blog, Virginia's and the Tattler, run Paltalk rooms AND have a life. Geez.. maybe Atilla IS Wonderwoman after all! Atilla, You go girl!

IsabellaSays said...

ANOTHER example of sockpuppeting right there above this post; AP IS ATTILLA... so she writes in defense of HERSELF!! LOLOLOLOL

get a life attilla ffs

IsabellaSays said...

IsabellaSays said...
SocialIssuesComplainer said...
Observer I don't normally let people post their blog link unless said blog allows anonymous comments.Which your's doesn't. Would you be so kind as to allow anonymous comments on your blog? I haven't removed your comment (even though it was posted anonymously on here)

Thank you in advance

7:25 PM

IsabellaSays said...

AnonymousPoster said...

I thought Atilla was the Tattler?

Isabellah are you ever sure of anything? First I was Virgina, and now I am Attilla? Attilla cant be me and I am not the Tattler. So the Tattler must not be me or Virginia. You just never get tired of being stupid do you?

Apparently, Anonymous Poster is just Anonymous Poster and no one else. It must suck to be so paranoid like you Isabellah. LOL

Jesus Claus said...

I think you're missing the point here. This is no idle claim. Someone sent an Email to The Tattler with a tracking program attached. The Email was opened in the same town that Attila lives in. Unless this supposed "male" Tattler is scampering down to Hitchcock, TX to read his Email, it ain't him. There was speculation before, but nw it is confirmed. Attila is currently The Tattler. And more importantly, she is sockpuppeting. She is writing posts while referring to herself as a separate entity. Which means she can write something as The Tattler, and then "agree" with herself as Attila. This is one of the worst things you can do online credibility-wise. Several perople recently, including Lee Seigel of The New Republic and Dr. John Lott, a gun researcher, have been publicly shamed (and even lost jobs)for using sockpuppet identities to publicly praise their own work. In that sense, this IS a serious issue.

Facetious Muse said...

Wow, I was going to refrain from repling on this thread but now I just got to ask a question or two.

First I did write a letter to The Tattler to commend them for their expressed views about people using a chatter's child in mean ways. Any that know me will understand that is a sensitive matter to me, with the BS that Abby and Dommie tried to pull, not to mention Jes' evil comment so many months ago. As a side note I tried to go into Political Junction last night and found that once again I had been banned from Dommie's room when I had done nothing to be banned, more on this later.

Next I want to know about this emil tracing program for a couple of reasons.
A. I do not want anyone trying to give the 'credit' to me for that happening
B.I want to know about this program so I can make sure no one does that to any of my emails I send out.

See I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but it is a wee bit scary to me that just by sending someone an email they can get personal information about the sender.

I hope someone can please explain this tracing program a wee bit better to me.

Now I'm trying to be neutral here since honestly I do not know who Atilla is, I have never even seen her in a room I was visiting. If you know me, you will know that I do NOT judge others based on intell from someone else (that he said, she said stuff just isnt for me ;=>)I can't help but think abou tthe bad 'intell' that got us into this war. Hope I didn't offended anyone and if I did, what can I say beside...

~~~~I'm Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~

Facetious Muse said...

Any of the info I know about email tracing, only traces the mail client IP, not the individual email account. Here's link for all taht I know about 'email tracing"
Ask Leo: How can I trace where email came from?

PoliticsUnited said...

JC are you an idiot? There is no "serious issue" here. People on every program use various ID's and it doesn't mean shit. There was no money exchanged, no law broken. There were only 2 things proven by this little experiment.
1: You're a big enough idiot to take isabellah's word on where this Attilla lives. (because you have no absolute evidence except for isabellah's claim. The email may have went there, but no proof on who was on the other end)
2: You've proven that you're stupid enough to get involved.

Jay156 said...

lol, now your trying to figure out who is opening email where? For those of you who don't really know the history of Isabellah on paltalk, let me fill in the blanks.

Isabellah is a very lonely, frustrated housewife. She has always done her very best to be popular. A few years ago, before politics became so popular here on paltalk, she was queen of the housewife drama rooms. She would spend her days making fun of Starlyin, or Duhh male, or sucking up to Jim 44, or Eddie Monsoon, whatever it took to be popular. If the majority of the room held to an opinion, you can damn well be sure that Isabellah was going to be there too.

Then politics became a very hot issue. Never mind the fact that Isabellah had never once uttered a political word. But, she joined the crowd and after 911 Isabellah was a proud George Bush Republican. But as popularity whores usually go, so went Isabellah and her toilet tissue thin ideals. When the tide started to change, when paltalk became overrun with brain numbed liberals, our dear little lonely housewife nosed herself into the popular crowd. I guess the liberals on paltalk needed a sex deprived, cyber-addicted housewife of their very own.

So you see, Isabellah has always been, and will always be paltalk's resident prom queen candidate. She is in need of your attention, your love, and most importantly your yahoo messenger nickname so that she can cyber-sex you up...(Don't bother her while the hubby is home though)

IsabellaSays said...

jay? you are such a stupid bastard lol.. first off, if you look at my download date on my profile, you'll see that i downloaded paltalk AFTER 9-11 dipshit (there goes that lie).. and 2nd, i don't even have YAHOO on my pc!! (there goes lie#2), and 3rd, where in the hell did you get the idea i CYBER ANYONE? (there goes lie #3) LOL ffs jay... you make'em up as you go don't ya? lol
there's only one thing i can figure jay, you must really despise me because i changed my political views... where this animosity stems from, only GOD himself knows.. jay? take a break from paltalk... you need one *smiles*

AnonymousPoster said...

Uh. there goes another lie...

Isabellah says to Jay, "where in the hell did you get the idea i CYBER ANYONE?"

Uhhh all the men she has fooled around with. Or, by her own actions and words in Paltalk rooms? It's no secret.

IsabellaSays said...

it sure as hell is a secret to me lol