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Thursday, September 14, 2006


konstantine Tsiolkovsky: Clause, the only knowledge you have is the slide of hand

This is great stuff. Really, it seems like the quality of idiocy, the thickness of the boned head, the lardiness of the dumbassitude of the average Paltalk conservative is growing faster than Dick Cheney's nose. And I swear, I have told this halfwit konstantine at least three separate and individuated times that the expression is "sleight of hand," not "slide of hand." Is it important enough to worry about? Let's just say that if someone cannot learn after three lessons that they are incorrect about something, there is not much hope that the increasingly apparent mistakes, fabrications, and fallacious smears from the Republicans are going to be effectively processed by konstantine's dessicated cerebral cortex.

It has become my habit when vetting conservatives to use the question, "Do you accept evolution?" as my own personal triage. If a conservative has enough knowledge and sense to at the very least acnowledge and understand evolution by natural selection, then there may be some basis for dialogue. If instead they respond with tragically misdirected derision, and begin spewing about faulty carbon dating and "no transitional fossils lolzer!!!1oneone1!," then it seems best to end transmission at that point. konstantine, to his credit, had at least heard of evolution before. Unfortunately, it seemed that the only way a basic high school biology lesson was likely to penetrate his skull was if I wrapped it around a bullet and fired it in. I am constantly impressed with how immensely ignorant people can be.

By far the most fantastic piece of imbecility konstantine expressed was on the subject of Saddam and WMDs. We know now, of course, that there were no stockpiles of WMD in Iraq, and that Saddam did not have any programs to create any. konstantine has apparently missed the last few memos, and has been snoring through the board meetings, becase he announced to the room that "we" had not been watching Saddam for 12 years. That's nonsense, I told him, inspectors were in country from 1991-1998, and had certified that his WMDs were almost completely destroyed. You know, except for the ones Clinton bombed. In Operation Desert Fox. When Republicans squealed, "NO WAR FOR MONICA." You know, the Republicans who were super sober serious about the terrorist threat. Yeah, those knuckleheads. So now, with his rhetorical expeditionary force shelled to smoking embers, konstantine swerves his argument off the road. "Liberals get too focused on WMDs, but that's not what Iraq was about." Ah, to be a conservative. They have life so easy. First he can tell us he was right and we were wrong on WMD. When he loses that argument, he just decides arbitrarily that what he was just arguing about isn't even important anymore, and if liberals don't stop being mean he's gonna take his ball and bat and go home, so there!

And we're supposed to take these sniveling conservatives seriously? Why is it they get to play by these Calvinball rules, and liberals are stuck having to do boring things like gather evidence and deploy logic. It's so much easier when you get to make it up as you go along.



Facetious Muse said...

Ah JC you are forgetting one thing, for any info to sink in. those as konstantine would have to have a cerebral cortex. See I used to think that they were just unfeeling, no empathy for their fellow men/women. But lately I have had to change my opinion to they simply are challenged. Not only do they not have empathy, they have no intellegence to speak of. As far as an original idea, I wouldn't hold my breath. See I could have some respect for "them" if they ever showed one lick of sense, one heartbeat of compassion, one active brain cell, but alas they sadly are NOT able to evolve out of their caveman idealogism.

Your example only go to futher prove that they are not even worth our time. They are to be pity at best.

BTW great thread JC ;o)

~~~~~Forever A Facetious Pain~~~~~

Jay156 said...

Politics of the Left....Feel free to shake your head

1. A lib will protest all day long about killing "innocents" in war...and also protest all day long to keep the right to rip innocent babies from the womb.

2. A lib will laugh at the prospect of terrorists targeting Americans then scream "Our borders aren't safe" at the top of their lungs.

3. A lib will criticize President Bush for "politicizing" 911...then applaud when Hillary uses the day to spill the same tired "Get our boys home" bullshit

4. A lib will point to the polls all day long as legit when they like them..(Bush approval ratings) Then turn around and tell you that they don't matter at all. (falling lib senate race numbers and rising Bush approval ratings....Thanks Rasmussen)

Michelle said...

Politics to the Right...Or the White House Right. Feel free to puke:

1. If you protest we will put you in a cage and point our guns at you. Our Secret Service love to scare ya'all. Watch out Sheehan, we're gunnin' for ya!(Bush cackle,like Rosco from the Dukes of Hazard)

2. We like to kill Iraqi babies and support Israel, so they can kill Lebanese babies. Our daughters and lovers have abortions, but shhhh, it's a secret.

3. We love when large corporations hire illegal aliens. Hell, that is money in the bank to us. Yeeehawww! And, And..(holding my sides laughin') Our ole pioneer buddy Georgie don't fine us or even give us a slap in the hand. God bless America!

4. Polls who needs polls? Americans are schizophrenic and Nazi appeasers. We don't listen to those moron liberal terrorists. We own you...Get that America?
Heck, who needs polls when we have Diebold. (Buch cackle)