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Friday, September 08, 2006


The real one had more sense...

Do you ever wonder if a right wing neonut on Paltalk will ever say something intelligent? Yeah, me neither..."

Stormy Monday: Sam Clemens==will do==but do know that Clinton had less time in office than Bush
Sam_Clemens: Stormy --first WTC bombing was Feb of 1993 --- a yr after Bill took office
Wolfdancer55: sam - check your dates, lol, the election was in 82, clinton took office jan 93
Stormy Monday: Sam Clemens==thanks==now I don't have to look it up
Wolfdancer55: ooopps 92
Sam_Clemens: TD, at least you could have given Bush a year, like Clinton
Stormy Monday: Sam Clemens===I should have looked it up again just to make double sure lol==so my original statement was correct==Clinton was in office for 1 month
Jesus Claus: Stormy, you are 100% right
Sam_Clemens: Stormy ---- Clinton took office in 92 ----not 93
Sam_Clemens: lolol
Jesus Claus: Clem, you retard
Jesus Claus: he took office in January of 93!!!!!!
Jesus Claus: holy shit, you moron
Jesus Claus: when did Bush take office?
Jesus Claus: even year or odd year?
Sam_Clemens: Claus .... bush took office in 99
Wolfdancer55: sam - wrong - the election was 92 - clinton took office jan 93
Jesus Claus: hahahahahahaha
Jesus Claus: 99?
Jesus Claus: hahahahahahahahahahha
Jesus Claus: hahahahahahahahaha
Jesus Claus: W took office in 99?
Jesus Claus: Is that your final answer?
Sam_Clemens: Claus, Pearl Harbor was Sept, 1941
Jesus Claus: hahahahahaha
Stormy Monday: Sam Clemens==presidents take office, are sworn in, in January following the election year
Jesus Claus: Pearl Harbor was Dec 7th, moron
Jesus Claus: Clem, you thought that clinton took office in 92

Some things are just beyond parody.



Eff25 said...

That almost makes me want to gouge my eyes out.